Media Browser

Media Browser is a handy service, which turns your home PC into a multimedia server. With apps available for Windows 8, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The server beta has been updated, and to celebrate the release the team has placed all of its mobile clients on sale.

Here is what's new in the latest server beta:

  • New translations
  • DLNA Play To improvements
  • New DLNA Server
  • Enhanced DLNA profile editing
  • New server notification system
  • New transcoding audio boost setting
  • New collection grouping setting
  • Improved mobile layouts in the web client
  • Display mirroring added to the web client
  • Theme songs in the web client

It's quite the update. If you haven't yet tried out Media Browser, it's a sweet solution to those who reside in complicated ecosystems. From streaming media to bringing all your entertainment together in a single location, Media Browser is a handy setup. Download the Android app for just $0.99 for a limited time. Be sure you have the server (available for free) installed and configured beforehand.


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Media Browser goes on sale to celebrate latest server release


Seems similar to Plex, which is easy to use and looks awesome. Must give this a try to compare.

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Anything media related for my device and TV gets my attention. I've never heard of this option before and am already set up with Plex and loving Chromecast support. Can anyone give me more information about this set up or does anyone have a reason this is worth a try over Plex?


From a quick look:

Setup is similar between the two.

Plex requires Plex Pass membership for their advanced/early release features (Plex Sync, Auto photo upload, etc.), i.e. the features that Media Browser does not currently have.

Everything else is pretty much cosmetic. Maybe MB has better WMC support? Not much beyond that.

Better WMC support would be enough to get me to try it out. As long as I wasn't giving up anything I can already do with Plex, without Plex Pass that is (not interested in those features).

I currently use WMC on my Vista machine to DVR local programming. Those files don't work well in Plex and when I convert them I'm always battling audio/video sync issues. Using the WMC to watch programming is fine but having everything play in one app/program would be much nicer.

I don't use WMC, but I do use SageTV to record shows. If Media Browser could handle transport streams that are not closed (IE, the show is still being recorded) I'd buy it this minute.

Anyone know by chance?

-Edit- Alright, bought it. I'll try to get some time to play with setting up the server this weekend.


Let me know what you think. I downloaded the server on my machine and will try to get some time to play with it and possibly the Media Browser Classic tonight. I will probably buy the app as well because I have some Play Store credit.

From the looks of it you can access your media from anywhere, which you can also do with Plex, but need to pay for Plex Pass. I'm installing now, and if I can access my media on the go I'm done with Plex.

I have the paid Plex app but not Plex Pass and I can access all of my media from anywhere. I think Plex Pass adds other features like being able to download your media remotely.

+1 I also looked at the install for a Linux server for Media Browser and it looks more complicated, and heavy then Plex. This is just someone trying to become comp for Plex seeing how Plex is gaining momentum (Amazon TV). But will give it a try

Media browser supports things like multi users keeping playstate for each user. You need the plex pass for these features with Plex.

Hi, thanks for trying it out. I understand your concerns about the setup process of the linux server. It will soon be available on the website in an easy to install package, so keep an eye out for that. We're working on it.

Media Browser looks better than Plex to me. It also has multiple users and the ability to add passwords to users to block content which I like and you have to pay for that feature with Plex. But Media Browser always freezes up when using Chromecast and I have to force close on either my phone or tablet. Hopefully this is fixed now.

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Too bad it's garbage: no options, hardly any settings, and poor documentation. I couldn't connect to my server and found no plain English instructions on how to do so anywhere either. There's no official feature list, so the only way to find out exactly what the app can do is to trawl the forums and hope to God that someone asked the question you have earlier. I wound up junking it and getting a refund.

Not sure why you had a problem. It is so simple a 8 year old could do it and there are guides on the forums.

Read the reviews on Google Play. There are quite a few other people who've had the same experience. Considering that I've gotten PS3 Media Server and Plex up and running on multiple machines with multiple clients and multiple OSes, I'm not new to this. The MB3 Android client is simply the worst I've seen.

Oh, and "go to the forums" is not good support. Features and how-to should be part of documentation from the start, as it is with Plex.

Where are the Plex instructions but on their website? Something tells me you were just too lazy and there will always be those people like you that will spread FUD because they are doing something wrong. There are lots of reviews for Plex that say that it did not work.

I was able to set this up in no time and it worked perfect. I was also able to setup Plex and it worked but Mediabrowser offer more features that are important to me.

Media browser is a fine piece of software when configured properly. Only real downside is, it's a bit of a resource hog.... Never heard of Plex but sounds like interesting reading...