EVO 4G LTE ... what's left of it

On the other hand, my daughter says this broken-backed EVO 4G LTE would make a cool lounge chair for her dolls. And before anybody freaks out, this is just one phone, and things happen. But that doesn't make it any less dramatic.

How'd it happen? Says Pew446:

What happened? Well, I was in a parade, shootin people with squirt guns from the back of a Scion, I had my phone in the cupholder behind me, and things were uncomfortable so I leaned back.. *CRUNCH*

Parades: Harmless fun? Or smartphone menace? You decide!

There's another pic of the aftermath after the break.

Source: EVO 4G LTE forums

EVO 4G LTE ... broken

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machwh says:

Dare we ask how it happened? :-)

icebike says:

Wouldn't it be just easier to read the story?

eyecon82 says:

seriously? try reading for once....=/

mgiusto says:

How did this happen? Sat down with it in your back pocket?

eyecon82 says:

seriously? try reading for once....=/

with help of those iron buns

I think these curved screens that manufacturers are using is becoming a bit much!

Tsudeily says:


Chahk says:

Ok, you owe me a morning coffee that just came out of my nose after reading that.

21plays says:

+1 LOL!!!

TechInformer says:

I think flexible devices could come in handy soon. Sorry I meant to say NOW. Sometimes I feel a little nervous on keeping my Note 3 out of my pocket, since it's so thin and it might shatter or bend.

Tsudeily says:

"What happened? Well, I was in a parade, shootin people with squirt guns from the back of a scion, I had my phone in the cupholder behind me, and things were uncomfortable so I leaned back.. *CRUNCH*"

From the source. Ouch!

mroddriguez says:

We demand flexible phones.. Sorry mate..

False_Aesop says:

I did something similarly stupid to my first Droid Incredible... you have my sympathy.

VDub2174 says:

This is a sad sad picture :(

kitster says:

Hell, I have run over my phone before. Luckily, it was 7 years ago - long before the Android. The sad part, soon after was my first foray into the realities of replacing a cell phone while still on contract. Ouch (said my wallet).

dakidd says:

Rest in pieces fallen soldier.....you were put out of your misery....no longer do you have to put up with your broken multi tasking or wifi issues or remember how apple had you locked up in customs

CeluGeek says:

... or Sprint's slow 3G data.

cpberndt says:

Technicaly its still in one piece

n25philly says:

No, I said we are putting the flexible display in the next iteration of the phone...

inuchan says:

I bet the GS3 would have just snap in two. At least this one still is in one piece

hoosiercub says:

Difference being?

They'd both still be trash and neither of them will boot.

crxssi says:

The difference being the Evo would go down in style, just like it lived :)

glazedfaith says:


squiddy20 says:

*walks into Sprint store and holds up phone to a technician*

"Can this be fixed?"

work4crown says:


and thus frankenphone was made.

ShipyStyle says:

Having managed a Sprint store before, it would be more like:
"Well, I woke up this morning and it was like that."

dud680 says:


xpyroxcorex says:

this is a manufacture defect right?

92turbo2 says:


bigtymer7680 says:

Knowing the stupid people that work at Sprint, they'd try to power cycle the phone. :/

Tronstar says:


Impulses says:

Looks like the battery lid is intact, could probably sell it for $10-20. I doubt Sprint cares if its there if you're gonna make an insurance claim on a phone that badly damaged. Heck I'd buy it to experiment with sanding it to remove the glossy look.

slackerjack says:

Uhh...how do you fantasize that a uni-body device like the one x would have fared better. If anything the weight combine with no weak spot would have literally snapped that device in half and would have likely resulted in the young man having a piece of phone lodged in his...lets just say....backside!

Yo azz needs to be arrested and the keys thrown away!!!

glazedfaith says:

Arrests don't always involve keys...

cwright9 says:

"There's another pic of the aftermath after the break." lol!

danvc says:

LOL I didn't notice that at first.

centerwaters says:

don't go showing that photo to Apple fanboys....

they'll tel you that Apple iPhones can't be bent like that!

By the way, what did the phone insurance people say?
You have the insurance option on your monthly bill, I hope? :D

TenshiNo says:

LOL. I would just laugh at them and say "Yeah, because being made entirely of glass would have been so much better in this situation."

Most likely, both sides would have shattered, the thin aluminum frame would have bent all to hell and this guy would have been getting bits of LCD pulled out of his buttox with tweezers.

ctys2ard says:

it's been a while since they make flip android phones isn't it? modified version perhaps? lol

hilgerone says:

The bigger concern here is why there was a Scion in a parade.

atlas9171 says:

Pretty much what I was thinking, I wouldn't even admit to being in a Scion.

hoosiercub says:

And what do you drive? Might I ask?

Robbzilla says:

I'll bet it's not a Scion...

1LoudLS says:

you would be right!

Droidbert says:

i would say it depends on the Scion..other then the gay square one,don't see what is wrong with them?

1LoudLS says:

If you worked on cars all day like I do, then you would.

there is a reason they cost half as much as most other cars do.

also its never a good sign when a company creates a new brand name for there product, it cant be that good if Toyota wont put their own name on it.

deparson says:

The Scion line has some of the lowest defect ratios of any line in the world for both new and used stat pools. They are very near the mainline Toyota and Honda and far above all US lines. Their price to defect ratio is the best in the world without exception.

Toyota 'did not want to put their name on it' because they intended to target a much younger and cost sensitive demo than they believed the Toyota name could reach. I don't know how that is working for them but it had nothing to do with quality.

FYI, Toyota did 'cut costs' with the Scion line but they did it by using simpler, less cutting edge, and more stable technology and build processes. There are fewer new high tech components and less complex but fully functional systems. Simple can mean both lower cost and higher quality/reliability.

msgnyc says:

You mean like they do with say... Lexus o_O?

I think a Scion is a perfect parade vehicle. I'll bet 10-12 clowns could fit in one, easy!

Wired03 says:

That's it!

Next patent war is going to be vs cup holders!

dekesask says:

Coming this fall to theaters everywhere, the drama that has tech bloggers vibrating. An event so moving and powerful the forums were reduced to tears and lolz.

this fall don't miss "Broke back EVO"

"I wish I could quit you"

"I'll be fine, I have 25 android phones in a box and a couple of s3's over on the counter"

svinyard says:

"They AINT FISHIN up there!"

bearcatman99 says:

Well there's your problem.....

galfert says:

Adam is that you?

ok the really REAL question is, well it blend?

Apple will be suing over some sort of design infringement soon.

Mtn_Scott says:

Yeah, they have the patent on broken screens.

I lol'd

And with that comment I have to clean a mouthful of Mt. Dew off my screen.

1LoudLS says:


Rob White says:


Child abuse is criminal people! Treat these children better please.

kitchin says:

Hope he got the insurance from Sprint, life saver in these moments

tracifritz says:

That's what you get for riding in a hamster box scion. Nobody else said it but I couldn't resist! Sorry your Evo suffered such an untimely death though.

wffjr3782 says:

Except the hamster commercials are for Kias.

1LoudLS says:

sure was!

"you can get with this, or you can get with that"

I think I'll choose that.

storino03 says:

anyone else laugh when they saw the bent phone picture?

hmmm says:

OMG that's not gorilla glass!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?


orbitman0 says:

what have you done?!?!?!

beggin says:


frettfreak says:

seriously people. Read the fucking article BEFORE commenting on a picture! I can't believe how many idiots here are asking what happened. It's and article not a comic book. READ!

user7618 says:

New user mod to try to bring back the HTC chin was a bit... Extreme.

honkblarg says:

The WiFi works fine, and there are no multitasking issues. Also, Apple had the galaxy nexus blocked from sale...

TimeHunter says:

And that is exactly why they put the little stickers in there to check for water damage, because phones and squirt guns just don't go well together.

ultravisitor says:


blarelli says:

Wow, I've never seen a phone break like that. Pretty impressive.

My EVO just poured some of its juice out saying something about being for its homies. Didn't understand until I read the article.

FearTomi says:

Well it is time to buy a proper phone instead a desposable one!:)

khray says:

I must say that the build quality of HTC phones is amazing!

LAYGO#AC says:

And you thought flip phones were dead . . .

poglad says:

"the aftermath after the break". Hahahahahaha! Nice one :-)

Try rebooting :) It should help

Kevin Salt says:

Pity I can't post photos .. I have a similar incident with my HTC OneX - It fell off the fan shroud of mt classic beetle hot-rod as i was tuning the carbs and fell into the fan at fairly high revs. All I heard was "ponk" ... I found the bits on the gearbox :) ... When I got in my daily driver to go home, the radio picked up the bluetooth and started playing my music from the OneX.. I could even read the phone stats like missed calls etc. 10 mins later there was a nasty smell as the battery gave up .. bit it just shows how well HTCs are built internally :)

gerfer1981 says:

Es el nuevo HTC "Flex"?? Juas :P

Chiefvelo#IM says:

Seriously plan on switching to them next and use my savings to go to the 2015 world road championships in Richmond Va.