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Samsung could be planning a major overhaul of its brand and marketing efforts ahead of CES 2013, if reports from Australian outlet ChannelNews are to be believed. The site reports via sources in Asia that a team previously involved with brand development at Nike will be leading the effort, which it says should reinvent Samsung with "a more vibrant, international brand image."

Brand development guru Scott Bedbury, who has previously worked with the likes of Nike and Starbucks, is said to be leading the team.The new branding is said to be due to make its debut next January, at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

ChannelNews says that following next January's show, the familiar blue Samsung logo will be retired, replaced with "all new product marketing linked via their own individual colours that are part of an overall brand family."

Samsung's advertising strategy will change too, it's claimed, with "products linked to lifestyle activities similar to what Nike does."

Whatever Samsung does at next year's CES show, we'll be live in Las Vegas to cover everything as it happens. Any wild guesses as to how Samsung might revamp its image? Shout out in the comments.

Source: ChannelNews


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Major Samsung brand shake-up tipped for CES 2013


So this will basically effect Brand not Product. There Doing a Make over in a sense. Thats cool. Don't like Nike to much but as long as long as the phone don't start looking like check marks or flying men I'm good

They are just Re-branding. They don't like being known as an Asian company for some reason. I don't know why being an Asian company is bad. Europeans and Aussies like to visit Asia on holidays, the US has been dealing with Asian companies since the 80's when the boom from Japan was going on. The only Asian countries the US doesn't like is N Korea and China. I like Samsung and I know they are an Asian company like Asus.

Marty McFly: "All the best stuff is made in Japan"

Will this mean the end of the traditional Awesomely Hilariously Awful press presentations at CES?

I hope not.

Hopefully the new Image will still involve dancing, magicians and awkward managers in suits reading uncomfortable scripts.

I wasn't aware Sammy need a brand overhaul. Frankly I.can't see how Nike is going to play a role in this. What are we expected to "jog" with our new gn2? Ya I don't see that happening for 85% of their customers.


"Brand development guru Scott Bedbury, who has previously worked with the likes of Nike and Starbucks, is said to be leading the team."

Nike has nothing to do with them. The team that is spearheading this make-over did Nike and Starbucks PREVIOUSLY.

Samsung needs a logo of some sort. Not just putting "Samsung" on the back of their products. I guess we'll see.

Why do they need a logo? Seriously, you see the name Samsung and in general, the brand itself is enough to sell the products. Except for the problem of the weak capacitors on flat panel TVs that is a thing of the past, the vast majority of Samsung products have been pretty good. For TVs, I always recommend Samsung over LG and Sony.

I can see Sammy taunting Apple with a logo that's a blue pear with a bite taken out of it. Then! changing all devices to include an "s" as the moniker. Like sOS, sPOD, sCam, sBook, sPad, get the picture. I know, I know but it would still be funny.

Waste of money. What they need to do is stop making the crappy low end versions of their devices. These give them a bad name.

They also need to improve the product quality tremendously while keeping their products thin and light, and also improve battery life; Galaxy Note II battery life is okay but it can be a lot better.

What I'd like to see is just ONE high-end phone a year and one or two low- to mid-range devices. There's no need for several mid-range devices with similar specs every year. Maybe if they had just two or three devices a year, they could keep them up to date.

The low-end phone can simply be the previous year's high end phone. This is what Apple does and it works for them; it would work just as well for Sammy or HTC.

There are enough other companies out there making mid/low end phones. Samsung has the rep now to strictly stick with upper mid to high end goods.

Will be nice to see a new marketing campaign from Samsung for sure on the mobile side. Folks that are ardently against Apple and Apple fans may enjoy all of the Galaxy S3 commercials that poke fun at iPhone users, but most other people just kind of roll their eyes at it. Never understood the mentality of mocking the people you are trying to get to buy your product.

Luckily that looks like it will be a thing of the past.

Brand identity goes much deeper than just a logo. I hope cleaning up naming conventions, consolidating product lines and a focus on quality will be a part of the rebranding exercise. At the moment it is difficult to say who Samsung is and what they do.

I imagine them creating a line for their 'white goods' (fridges, air conditioners etc) and solidifying their brand image as a lifestyle brand for their phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and entertainment systems. I also hope they will continue to push integration across the platforms.

Sammy is in desperate need of a make over. Not just a logo, but a whole new image that presents them as a company with "cool factor" and "SWAG". The products they make already exemplifies these traits, but their marketing does not.

The biggest reason Apple sells millions of iphones, ipods, and ipads is not because they are technically better than most of their competition. It is because they know how to make people think that they are cool and elite if they carry the latest iproduct. Right now, Samsung is selling millions of devices simply on the merits of their great products. Imagine how many isheep they would reel in if they added "cool factor".

Clearly trying to change their image post lawsuit by Apple and the subsequent loss to them. That's fine with me, and I have more than happy with Samsung products on both quality, price and performance compared to Apple's iOS devices.