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af250xxl asks in the Android Central forums,

Can my Rezound get the official ICS update if I don't have Verizon service? I removed the Rezound from my account the day after I activated it because I don't want to pay the $30 data fee. Will HTC or Verizon have a website for people to download the ICS update to a PC or directly to the Rezound?

Great question. The short version is no, but that doesn't paint the whole picture. Some Android phones don't require the user to have an active service plan to get an OTA update, but some do -- the HTC Rezound, like most phones on Verizon, is one that does require it. We're not sure of the full reasoning behind this practice, only that it helps control the OS versions from a customer service and tech support standpoint. My tinfoil hat side says it's done to convince users to keep their service active, but that's just paranoia talking.

But all is not lost. There will be a file released by HTC and sent to Verizon service technicians called an RUU (ROM Update Utility), and it is a manual way to update the phone via the USB connection. Carriers have Android geeks working for them, and these sort of things tend to get leaked out to the community rather quickly. Using the RUU and a Windows computer, you would be able to wipe and re-flash your Rezound to the latest version. Talking to the folks in the HTC Rezound forum is a good place to start, and they will know the minute any new RUU leaks out. Keep an eye out for it and you'll likely be able to do exactly what you're hoping to do.

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From the Android Forums: Can my Rezound get official ICS if I don't have Verizon service?


Might not even have to do that, just find the official rom on the net, xsa-dev is a good start and download the rom and upgrade. Sure you will lose what you have, but backups and reinstall will solve that problem, of course takes a little time.

HTC might even have it on their website.

how does one use smart phone without a data plan? or is it now able to make phone calls and just use wifi?

"is it now able to make phone calls and just use wifi?"


Does it work? You bet your sweet, sweet ass it does. I use this as my backup for when cell service is not available. No cell account at all is required...just a data connection of some kind (4G, Wifi, whatever). It will make and recieve calls exactly like a cell phone would and I think you can even get text messages.

You need only a Google Voice number (also free). Call quality is surprisingly good but inferior to real cell service IMO. But they have improved it dramatically since I first started using it.

The question that was asked was can you use the phone on Verizon service without a data plan, not if you can use it with WiFi. Which Verizon will not allow. If its a smartphone Verizon requires a data plan, even if you want to just use phone with WiFi only.

thats what i thought about the phone with no data plan.

and good mention of Groove Ip. theres also a free version. i used it when i accidentally deactivated my SIM. also, it works overseas. i put it on my sisters phone and it worked in costa rica. the connection was kinda spotty, but at least it worked.

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