Even though we're still waiting on a release date, and Sprint hasn't even held its EVO 4G extravaganza event in New York, Android Central forums member PanzyDog got some hands on time with the HTC EVO 4G today. So what does PanzyDog have to say about it?  Well how about things like:

It is simply amazing
So fast, so big!
I didn't have a
[sic] issue with it in my front jeans pocket

Be sure to check out the forums post  for his full impressions of the device, and after your appetite is sufficiently whet check out our hands-on with the beast. And the picture shows another another thing that might interest a few of us.  Working 4G!  I guess it's time to gather up the camping gear for the release of this beauty.

With all these new superphones it looks to be a great summer for Android fans!


Reader comments

A lucky Android Central member gets hands-on time with the HTC EVO 4G


I hope the Iphone takes some of the hype around this phone so the line will be shorter at sprint stores come June 13th!

think i'm going to have to change my mind and get this over the Nexus one If/when it comes to sprint at least i know that the EVO 4g is really coming but i hope they don't charge extra for the 4g that would be wrong just make it part of the plan.

4g is only going to cost more if you want to use the built in hotspot on the phone I think it is. browsing on your phone on 4G is included.

Hell with Verizon! They dont deserve this. Sprint built out 4G faster than anyone else so they deserve to keep the bigdog of the Android world for as long as possible!