Logitech Revue

A tipster and our very own Phil Nickinson have confirmed that the Logitech Revue, a set-top box that brings the Google TV experience to any TV, is on sale now at Best Buy retail locations. In addition, the $299 box is also for sale online for those who don't want to leave the comfort of their chairs. Best Buy is offering various package deals, such as including HDMI cables and that crazy keyboard, for additional money for those interested. Check out all the different packages (seven!) past the link. (And for the rest of us who preordered, look for your Revue to ship tomorrow.) [Best Buy] Thanks to jaeisber for the tip!

Update:  Apparently quite a few of us really love that ordering "from the comfort of our chair" option, as five of the eight available purchase options for the Revue have sold out and the base unit itself has been placed on backorder.  Hit that Best Buy link quickly if you want to get in on this one.


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Logitech Revue for sale in Best Buy now


The only plus about having it at Best Buy for me is to be able to go to the store and get it, try it.... if I like it, take it back and use my discount card that I got from GDGT for 20% off the logitech site lol THEN get it.

I wonder what Steve Jobs will have to say about this? Sold out, even the one for over $600 lol Apple TV just can't compete with what Google is bringing.

My God Forget APPLE!. . . Apple will sell millions of whatever they make because they have hardcore followers. They already sold quarter of a million Apple TVs.

Oh calm down now there friend. I just said that to be FUNNY..... You Already know he has something to say, even as I type this from my Evo. Apple will always sell its products, I myself have a 80gb classic iPod and plan to upgrade soon. So there's a $$$ in there future pocket just from me.

Thats great. But Jobs DID say Google would find out why "Internet TV" doesn't sell.....while upgrading AppleTV of course. So apparently its selling and thats funny to me and probably alot of other people that remember him saying that. Its just another example of him tossing out BS hoping it sticks.

After what I heard yesterday, Steve has to have been replaced by an evil-er, stupid-er twin. I wish Marty and Doc would fly back to the 80's and smack him until he promises not to do it.

I dislike Apple as a company, and can't quite understand the fascination with their products, but I used to admire Steve. I hate the corporate shell of a once innovative man he's turned into.

Or the turtleneck was too tight :p

Am i the only one here who feels a bit burned for pre-ordering on day one? Early adopters should get first access, if not equal access, not a few days after it hits BBuy :/ Weak! ...that being said, CANT WAIT!! :D

I'll wait until these are under $100 in a few months, or until DirecTV builds it into their DVRs.

I just called Bestbuy and they won't have any until about a few more days. Too bad I preordered it from Amazon as they have they say it will be out for delivery sometime by the end of the month. I'm thinking of canceling my preorder and getting it straight from Bestbuy to get it sooner and avoid shipping charges.

The price of this is just way to high, especially compared to the sony offerings. I'd like to see google tv offered for pc's

a dual boot Android 2.2 / Google TV tablet with DNLA out, where the tablet acts as the remote.

You start on the patent filing, I'll start calling companies in China to make us a prototype :p

I ordered day 1 but as of this am my order says backordered on the Best Buy website. There are no units on sale anywhere in MA. My local store said Friday for Sony so hopefully the Revue will be Friday too. Kind of a clusterxxx with different sale dates & no explanations..... Hopefully it will be worth it. If i can get one in store Friday i will cancel my suddenly delayed pre-order. Frustrating.