I know most of you guys and gals aren't used to sitting down and reading stack traces or debugging logs (you're better off, trust me), but sometimes during Android hacking and debugging reading the logcat output is a necessary evil.  When a developer asks for a log, it's usually followed by a command you don't understand with special characters, and no explanation of what you're doing.  That's fine for the busy developer, but every opportunity to learn something should be taken.  Android Central member JHuston456 has done an excellent job sorting out the switches and parameters used for the logcat command, and has done a fine job explaining them for normal folks.  For anyone who has rooted and plans to hack away at their phone, it's required reading.  Hit the forums, have a look, and thank JHuston456 when you're done. 

Source: Learn logcat like a pro


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Android 101: Logcat explained and detailed [from the forums]


You guys still need an article on logcat apps. e.g., your program blows up and the developer wants to do send them a logcat. What do you do?

Download aLogcat from the Market
Make the program crash
Go into aLogcat and tell it to email the log to the developer.

How hard is that? :-P