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Like live wallpapers? You'll find a couple of interesting new ones pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy S III, and we shot some video of them during our recent time with the phone. In addition to the standard ICS live wallpapers like "Bubbles" and "Phase beam", the Galaxy S III features a re-vamped version of Samsung's "Deep Sea" animation, and a new one called "Luminous Dots," which is a bit more subtle. We should also mention that there's no slowdown when you're using a live wallpaper on the S III. The launcher handles all the background animations without breaking a sweat, which is impressive when you consider that many Android phones continue to struggle with live wallpapers.

Or if you prefer the static kind of background, the Galaxy S III's got those too. Check past the break for a quick video demo of both.


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Live wallpapers on the Samsung Galaxy S III


It's quad-core so I'd be very concerned if live wallpapers slowed it down. But until the phone is loaded with apps doing their thing in the foreground and background it's responsiveness means nothing. It's easy to be fast when there isn't anything else going on.

Have you not see any other preview videos? Endgadget has dozens of apps open like videos, the gallery, browser and that new news app and it wasn't really slowing down. I think it will handle the multitasking pretty well.

I've seen plenty of the "preview" videos and you know what they all have in common? They're short videos with phones that aren't setup the way daily drivers are. Every phone that's come out in the last year handled live wallpapers with ease too. Before they were being used like people actually use their phones. And as we all know, each of those phones slows down when there are dozens of apps doing their thing in the background and then apps are opened in the foreground. I stand by initial statement. But thanks for stopping by. :-)

I have, at times, run Live Wallpapers on my Evo4G and Evo3D (and have almost always run one on my 10" GTablet) without any noticeable "lag" in the launcher. I'm sure the programming efficiency of the live wallpaper itself has a lot to do with causing any lag you may be experiencing in the launcher.

You can use Live Wallpapers?

Samsung screwed us with the Epic Touch, the wallpaper doesn't scroll anymore so live wallpapers are useless.

This phone doesn't scroll ever from what I noticed nor does the Gnote. It has something to do with the home screen carousel effect. The Evo 3D had the same issue.

Dude, you sure you got the right devices? Because, right here right now, I'm doing exactly what you claim you cannot.

I think it's usually to do with the WALLPAPER itself rather than the launcher/homescreen. But it could be disabled somewhere on your phone. Some of my wallpapers on my Desire S scroll, some don't, and some had an update to remove scrolling to increase fps.

Edit; I think Samsungs often have scrolling disabled now so perhaps it's just that.

I disagree with you! I do have the SGS II Epic touch And I have ZERO Problem with live wallpaper ! You better check your story agian.

lol you guys need to slow down. The EPIC touch, when it was first released had screens when scrolling, you could see the entire live wallpaper. It didn't have the carousal effect like HTC phone.

The EPIC touch was more like a Motorola device such as the droid x, etc.

When Samsung released their update a few months back, it brought the carousal effect and now the live wallpapers that were downloaded can't be used to their full potential.

My favorite live wallpaper was city at night. When I'd scroll through the home screens, it would show the entire city. It was pretty awesome. Now I just see two buildings--blows.

I'm annoyed by them taking away scrolling wallpaper too!. I am using the ICS leaks for my Epic Touch and scrolling wallpaper is still removed. You can make it scroll if you put a year old gingerbread launcher on it like Go Launcher, but if you use Apex or Nova launcher, you STILL can't make it scroll. I've tried setting the wallpaper with Zedge, ICS image gallery, Droidiris, and nothing will make it scroll.

Yep, if you want scrolling wallpapers now (a basic, fundamental Android feature), you have to look at phones other than Samsung.

What are you guys talking about? I have a gnex and my wallpapers scroll with apex or nova. It's an option in either launchers settings

Have you set your phone to use the stock launcher?
1)Go to settings
5)Clear Defaults
6)Home button

After that you'll be using the stock ICS launcher, my wall papers scroll, and anytime I set a wallpaper from the gallery app you have to make sure you pick the option that has a segmented rectangle with 3 tress, if you have the tall rectangle with 1 tree it won't scroll.

If none of this helps... you're doing it wrong ;-)

While I like the Galaxy S III it still won't sway me off my Galaxy S2. I'm not totally impressed by the "smooth live wallpaper" as my S2 has no issues with that.

Here's on a very early ICS build I shot over a month ago using the equally old GO Launcher over it. Runs perfectly smooth. If the S3 didn't run it smooth like others said I'd be very surprised. Anyways, good 'ol 1yr old + hardware FTW.

Noobs.... Why do you guys complaint, about something that can 'and will be fixed with a nice ics custom rom... My att galaxy note, didnt came with wallpaper scrolling,, now it has it and is overclocked... Much love and respect too the DEVS on XDA :-)

What a knob. Roms are not the answer. 99% of users do not mod their phones.
I wish people would quit throwing that out as a legitimate fix. Yes, quick and easy, but not for the masses. I'll put a rom on my phone, but most people won't.
My mini van is slow. Well, put a 5.7L engine in there. Sure it can be done, probably been done. However, most people won't mod their mini vans.

If the screen was a SA+ i would be sold. Not that i didn't love my OG Epic's screen, but I'm smitten for my gs2's screen. Still undecided at this point

I love the S2 screen as well, but im not worried about the S3 screen, im more concerned about the looks and vile colours.

Check out xda developer Scheffs Blend's application called Ultra Wide HD Wallpaper in the market for compatibility with your phones. I have been using the paid version on my stock Charge with no issues or lag for scrolling wallpapers.

Ultra Wide HD Wallpaper still will not scroll whatsoever. It basically crops any wallpaper to be a vertical slice. I have tried using the stock ICS launcher that comes on the phone (by clearing defaults on tw launcher), the tw launcher, even MIUI V4 launcher called Myhome apk, Apex, Nova and none of them allow it to scroll. I know it sounds like a stupid problem to get so bothered about but it really is annoying.

Too bad it won't work for you. I am on gingerbread and using Go LauncherEX. I even Added home screens to take advantage of the added length of the wallpaper.