droid x

We're here in New York City at Verizon's Droid event, ready to bring you the expected announcement of at least one new Droid phone and given the display outside the event, we're feeling Droid X is a safe bet. Actually, we're expecting a lot more than that, as Android VP of engineering Andy Rubin is here, as are the CEOs of Adobe and Motorola.

It all starts at 1 p.m. EDT / 10 a.m. PDT. Join us after the break as we bring it all to you live!

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redman213 says:

Sweet! Can't wait to see it. I love AC!

Blueriver says:

So, probably we can get some more news about Droid X and/or Droid 2?

Hope we can get something more than already revealed...

droid x all the way!

rion_j says:

Droid X!!! Bring it on...hopefully sporting Froyo.

chicojd says:

Droid X should launch with Froyo... this makes sense, as Andy Rubin is at the event.

chicojd says:

Maybe we'll hear more about LTE?

AKArbalest says:

I'm actually hoping to hear about some other newer devices. I think the Droid X is a monstrosity because of how huuuuge it is (the only pockets it would fit into is those on parachute pants), and the Droid 2 doesn't interest me at all because its basically just the Droid 1.

hotkoko says:

I hear ya

josuearisty says:

nice, waitin for DROID X

uberspeed says:

Something in GSM flavor please?

Droid 2 is not a big design change because people really like the first version. Its what's under the hood that matters here. Droid x is the design change.

bkj216 says:

Droid X is cool, but announce when Froyo hits the Droid OG

jedisrus says:

It would be sweet if we could watch what is going on through quick on the EVO!

Gamby34 says:

im falling more and more in love with this phone every minute. All i need now is a release date!

bkj216 says:

Wow its amazing how quickly the Droid Incredible has become Incredibly Irrelevant

I was actually a little disappointed. We still have to wait for Froyo and Flash like every other phone. And with Sprint giving me UNLIMITED Tethering I can never consider being on a tethering plan and looking over my shoulder ever so often to make sure I don't go oVER!...

Love the Blockbuster APP though

dm33 says:

2gb tethering for an extra $20???

How innovative of Verizon to copy AT&T at the earliest possible moment.

Yuck. 2GB is NOTHING.
Paying extra for tethering is gouging.

Metered data usage is ok as long as they don't get greedy and choke off demand. If they changed the plan to be $30/mo with 5GB regardless of how you use it (ie tethering), then that would be reasonable.

But trying to neuter an unlimited data plan for $30 by saying they'll charge an EXTRA $20 and only get 2GB is gouging.

One does it they all do it. No innovation on the part of the phone companies.

Time for Google to provide their own phone service and shake up this industry some more.