Verizon event

Full coverage of everything Verizon, live from New York

We're on site in New York, seeing what Verizon has to show us all. We're expecting a handful of Motorola Droid devices, and we'll be sure to let you know everything Big Red has to tell us as soon as they tell us.

Stay tuned!

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xemtra says:

Dirty-Bird says:

Slackin is right. Engadget it is.

decke003 says:

Considering the event lasted all of 15 minutes, it looks like they made the right choice.

reeper55 says:

this ^

WickedRabbit says:

...that was completely a waste of everyone's time in every way imaginable.

xemtra says:

yep appears ur right, very short.

jjt981 says:

I feel the event was slightly awkward, Like Verizon wanted to show off the phones but Motorola wants to talk about all the features on August 1st with the Moto X. And then you get a 15 min event haha.

lbaxter says:

Can't find any photos of it anywhere. Did the entire press fail to bring cameras?

lbaxter says:

Engadget liveblog had photos. Nothing spectacular though.

jasenjr3 says:

As much as I like the verge and all those other blogs, I'm just waiting for you guys

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Dirty-Bird says:

I don't care if it's 15 minutes. Engadget was there for 15 minutes and I was able to see the pictures and features in those 15 minutes. If people didn't mind waiting until afterwards, there would be no need for a live blog.

Ry says:

What's the Motorola X8 chip?

still1 says:

Motorola's own SOC. just like Apple's current A6 or Samsung's Exynos processor

Gator352 says:

Did they do this event in closet? Seems as if Americas biggest cellular company could freakin' splurge a little for the press. I guess for that to happen, they'll have to charge more for your data consumption.

Ry says:

Were you looking for a Samsung-level presentation?

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