Google's holding a big event in SF - Android 4.3 and a new Nexus 7 could be on the cards

This is it, boys and girls — the second event of the week, and possibly one of the biggest Android presentations of the year. Google's summoned the press to San Francisco, where it's holding a breakfast event hosted by Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai. If the recent stream of leaks is anything to go by, Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7 tablet are highly likely to make an appearance. And given Pichai's role as head of Chrome as well as Android, we might also see some news relating to Google's browser and desktop OS.

However the day unfolds, we'll be live in San Francisco to bring you full coverage of all the announcements, software and hardware. Make a note — the action kicks off at 9 a.m. PDT (12 p.m. EDT, 5 p.m. BST).

Bookmark this page — we've got our liveblog and the official live stream after the break.


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The Google event liveblog!


Y android 4.3 is gonna be a big thing amazing battery upgrade from 4 to 5 hours to 25 hours and also performance upgrade along with the other stuff if ur hoping for a new nexus not happening soon...

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I think what he's saying is that given the recent leaks showing pretty much everything about Android 4.3 and the new N7, he wants to see something else. :)

Ya but the huge battery improvement and performance is new what is he asking for Google glass that's a diff topic or android powered game console which Google is working for if u have a nexus 4 firmware update is the biggest thing so key lime pie is the biggest thing to wait for

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I'd agree. Personally I'd be happy if the 3 best improvements are performance, performance, performance.

Via a cool AC App on a great Nexus 4

Salah123, as I'm sure you know.. We already know everything about the nexus 7 and 4.3 because of the leaks.. that's why I'm hoping there's something else in surprise

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I think we should ask AndroidCentral and all the other tech/android Blogs to not report anything in the previous 5 days. I was all excited about this breakfast thing....but now, not so much since we already know what is being announced. just hope there are some surprises in there.

What exactly do you mean by "amazing battery upgrade from 4 to 5 hours to 25 hours".
If you think your current phone is going to suddenly quintuple in battery life with a software upgrade.. I just don't see that happening.

But that's what has been reported by the recent android 4.3 build phone arena released a video showing the big improvement

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Everybody's usage and N4 is different though. Just because one particular person reported an increase in battery life, doesn't mean everyone will experience the same jump in battery life. I've seen no other outlet report THAT big of a gain in battery life, tho I've seen ppl report increases.

Basically, temper your expectations just a wee bit.

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All times should be shown in the timezone of the viewer. Would make everyone's life easier. Alternatively GMT would make me happy too

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Ya I'm sure the battery improvement in 4.3 will go from 4-5 hours to 25 hours lol. Everything has already been leaked. Nothing special. Someone wake me up if the new nexus is announced though!

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Thank you for posting the time in BST(GMT+1), us Brits are often forgotten when it comes to such things on other tech sites.

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I hope we'll see the unintentional leak that was talked about on The Verge. Chromecast which was on the app store but was quickly taken down but someone was able to get a screenshot before it was deleted.

I've seen the video review of the leak claiming battery improvements from 4-5 hours to 24 plus with heavy use. The nature of this evaluation is flawed because someone certainly could use there device heavily for 4-5 hours but likely not for 24 hours. There would certainly be some sleep, eating, driving, etc in a 24 hours time frame. Maybe if we are really lucky we will see something like double battery life. I've run some AOKP roms that have doubled battery life on the same hardware so it's possible.

No, problem getting 4-5hrs SOT, and who knows how many hours over 24hrs with minimal use with AOKP PUB and Franco on my N4. Syncing everything, auto brightness (ramped up actually), actually making calls, both WiFi and data, etc. I would bet I could hit 48hrs with minimal use but it ends up on the charger out of habit a some point in the day. I assume you mean "heavy use" as SOT since it the biggest battery drain along with the cell radio in poor service areas. I'll expect something like 24hrs SOT on a smartphone...oh never...not really but certainly not in the near future.

I have no idea what you are trying to say.... The point is that the review claimed an increase from 4-5 hours (4.2.x) to 24+ (4.3) with heavy use. Unless someone consistently used the 24 hours (heavy use) it would not be a fair comparison...

Sorry but you will have to wait till Nov for the new Nexus. But it might come up. And I am sure all the so called leaks and rumor mill will start soon.

I thought I read rumors somewhere that a few details about the Moto X might be discussed in this event too, but that's probably just wishful thinking. If the rumors are true that the 32 GB version will be $350 off contract though, I'm getting one. I wouldn't expect much, if anything, on the Moto X today though with Motorola's event being next week.

It pretty much always is. Android Central usually has a post linking to all of the recordings at the end of the day.

IGNORE.... I refreshed the page I had open from earlier and the times changed..

Nothing to see here, move along.... :)

In my dream, someone from Google is on stage, dressed up as a giant Jelly Bean, talking about the new features of Android 4.3.

Then all of a sudden rock music starts blaring in the auditorium and a WWF-style announcer screams "Oh my god!? Is that Key Lime Pie's music?!?!?". Shortly thereafter a giant piece of Key Lime Pie comes running on stage, smashing a chair over the Jelly Bean's back, crippling him. Pie then grabs the mic and announces Android 5.0 will be available this afternoon.

Is it bad that I feel for Jelly Bean getting his back broken, give the guy a break huh! ;)

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This is pissing me off. Do you need some kind of invite to watch this? Nothing I do is working.

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I guess I got my answer--next Tuesday. Sounds like they've seriously worked on the logistics problems. Can't wait to get my hands on one.

And I just cancelled my order when they announced Best Buy would have it in four days. Why pay shipping to get it AFTER I could get it in the store?

And unless I'm mistaken, chromecast is much less expensive than getting a dongle or MHL adapter and looks to work better than HTC's MediaLink. I have a $50 gift card for BestBuy and I'm getting one of these today! I just hope that devs and device manufactures indeed integrate this tech!

Anybody know where a video of this is after the fact? I know they live streamed it but I was busy doing other things..