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An e-ink Sony PRS-T1 Reader might not be an all-singing, all-dancing tablet-come-e-Reader like the Kindle Fire or the Nook Color. But, as the folks at The Digital Reader have found out, it does run Android, and with a little hacking, you can bring this out front and center. 

Apparently the hack is pretty straightforward, and pretty foolproof. By gaining root access, a whole new use case for the device opens up. There will naturally be limitations, but as this image shows, the Kindle application works just fine. The Amazon Appstore also reportedly works just fine, as does ezPDF Reader. 

If you already bought one of these little gems, then hit the source link for more information and instructions, and check out the video after the jump. If you've got a Sony PRS-T1 and try this out, hit us up in the comments and let us know how it went.

Source: The Digital Reader


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A little hacking reveals Android on Sony e-Reader


Why 'hack' it? The standard android 'Home', 'Back' and 'Menu' keys kind of give it away. We only see those same symbols on every android phone.

It's not just to hack it but to be able to load Android apps on the device that make the eReading experience better.

Currently SONY eReader app stinks compared to say Moon+, ezPDF, RepliGo, etc..

Having an Android tablet that lasts weeks on a single charge is awesome.