Bell Android Updates

While we're now starting to see Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich more frequently, be it through leaks or official builds there is still plenty of devices out there that have not yet received the update. One carrier that maintains a lot of Android devices in Canada is Bell and now, their Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich roadmap has appeared:

No device on the list is really a surprise, they've all been confirmed previously but for some the wait times may be a little depressing or pleasing depending on your expectations. But like all things -- it's subject to change so hopefully we'll see the updates arrive earlier.

Source: Mobile Syrup


Reader comments

List of Bell Android 4.0 updates appears with timelines for each device


See this Verizon? It's called customer service. How about providing us with a timeline since you raid our wallets every month...

Not every corporation got balls to announce any timelines and ETAs, by doing that they make obligation to costumers and any possible delays might hit thee PR a lot.

Ditto Sprint & Google. Pretty sad when a Nexus phone takes six months to update...without even a hint at what MONTH we will get it. I know, I know...Google updates the Nexus line. But Sprint still has to approve and update for their radios and their network.

I don't claim to be an expert, but when I bought my Rezound, it was publicized that it would receive ICS 1st quarter. So I have to assume that 4 months later they would have at least an idea when ICS will be reaching my phone.

So if the 8.9LTE on Bell get is in June then the Wifi only generic unit should be getting it in April i would guess. I hope so, we really need a speed boost.

Well it would be nice to see a stable version of ics for the sgs2 i777 because the current leak is way too buggy, however, the ports from i9100 are running stable for dd use.