Jim ZemlinLinux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin sat down with the Wall Street Journal to talk about Android and the enterprise market, and needless to say he's pretty confident about the future. Zemlin may be a bit biased towards Android, as are most of us here, but he does have a history with large corporate environments, having worked previously with companies like Western Wireless (now T-Mobile) and Covalent Technologies. 

Zemlin seems confident that as HTML 5 application deployment moves forward, Android and the diverse group of OEMs that bring a selection of hardware at all price points are uniquely situated to provide "a better way to provision, manage and deploy their application infrastructure." In short, choice equals strength here, too. We'll have to agree, and throw in that the ability to customize the system to better suit the needs of your company has to sound awfully good to those CIO's who are thinking of the future of mobile enterprise. We heard yesterday during Google's quarterly earnings report that G is eyeing the enterprise market, so we expect to see more features roll out across Google's services -- including Android.

He also has a few words to say about the Google buyout of Motorola Mobility, and the idea that the Nexus 7 is a service, not a product. It's a great read from someone held in high regard in the open-source community, and paints a pretty bright future for our favorite mobile OS. Hit the source link below and take a gander.

Source: WSJ


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Linux Foundation E.D. Jim Zemlin: 'Android is going to continue to gain traction in the enterprise'


Large corporations, like the one I work for, have zero interest in Android. It is highly insecure, has no management tools, has malware and fragmentation issues.

They must have no interest in iPhone either, then. Since that is highly insecure, has no management tools, and has just as much malware.

Hmmm, your corporation has eliminated 90% of the smartphone market; probably 95% of the market by next year.

That's fine if your "large corporation" thinks that way, my large corporation will have yours for lunch!!

Snookie, perhaps you should read the linked article before dropping your wisdom on the rest of us. Maybe the linked comment above yours too.