Thrill 4G

The LG Thrill 4G, AT&T's version of the Optimus 3D, should be arriving this week in Radio Shack stores across the country according to the flyer you see above.  The good news is that once they arrive, the Shack is able to start selling them right away.  We've seen a few delays with this one, so we'll take a "this week" release date and be thankful for it.  The Thrill will cost you $80 with new contract or a qualifying upgrade, or $550 for those that prefer to stay contract-free and use cash.  If you pick one of these up, be sure to tell us about it in the forums!

Thanks, Anon!


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LG Thrill 4G to finally show up at Radio Shack, will cost $80 on contract and $550 outright


"Year old?" It was ANNOUNCED in Feb 2011 (six months ago) and RELEASED in May 2011 (three months ago). So by the time September 16th rolls around, it'll be seven months since it was first initially announced and four months since it was released.

Where did you get "year-old" from?

How can you say that, when there hasn't been a head on with both 3D phones!! From what I heard, the LG thrill packs better viewing angles!! And more 3D content!!!!

This is a little off topic, but Sprint looks like they might have the best lineup of phones for the year. Between the evo 3d, the moto proton, galaxy s 2 and the rumored iPhone 5. Now if only I could get better 4g and tethering service, it be perfect.

Honestly after the SGS2 announcements today, I don't think this is very important. It may strike a fancy in people entranced by gimmicks though! :D