LG Spectrum

While nothing is official until Verizon says it's official -- especially when you're talking about Verizon -- it looks like we'll be seeing the LG Spectrum hitting the shelves at Big Red soon.  It's a worthy upgrade from the LG Revolution, with hot specs on a hot network -- 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon, 1GB RAM, full HD 4.5-inch IPS display, LTE radio and special HD content from Netflix and ESPN.  The only thing not to love here is that it looks to launch with Gingerbread, and we know all about LG and updates.  Look for a possible announcement at CES -- we'll be there, ready and waiting to find out more.

Source: Droid-Life


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LG Spectrum rumored for Verizon on Jan. 19


Damnit! You beat me to it!

I like the look of the hardware (if that makes sense), but the LG UI overlay looks way too toy-ish. Give me a grown-up UI...hell, give me stock GB and I woulda been okay.

You are right though, aNYthing, CM9 will do this puppy well.

Let's forget the Failed Phones Released in December of 2011.
And Look Forward to the Quad-Core Superphones we are about to see based on Nvidia, Exynos, Intel Technologies.
What a Great Time to be able to afford to Upgrade...

Blazing! & Window shopping @ CES next Monday.. On my 1,300 mhz GummyCharged Droid Charge..

Hello Moosc.. Let's start with the Razr.. I was shopping at the V-Store, Started Playing with one and it Froze.. I ask the Rep how do we reset this phone since the battery cant come out? he was dumb founded.. 4G ( In my area at least.. ) and stuck with one battery? Not Good.

Ah.. The Nexus.. My Droid Parts in it.. Old CPU..( TI ? Not at least the 1.4 gig Exynos Processor in the Galaxy Note? ) Very Old GPU.. No HDMI out ( My Charge has that standard ) No SD Card Expansion.. ( Again.. MANY Phones have that.. Including the Charge.. ) It's only asset in mho is ICS.. And a lot of phones will have that in 90 days or so.. Antena issues.. Battery Life Issues.. anyway, its a $149.00 phone based on hardware alone.. at $500.00 ( On contract w Tax & Accessories ) and $800.00 - $900.00 off contract? Really?? ICS ain't worth that my friend.. And the Superphones you will see by this time next week at ICS will show just how "Mid-Range" the Nexus really is.. To me, Releasing that phone this close to CES 2012 made no sense at all.. But its been having troubles for over a month.. Working with LTE 4G.. Thus the delay in releasing it.

Wow, someone can't honestly be this wrong without trying. First of all I paid $315 with 3 accessories and tax for the Galaxy Nexus. Second the Exynos processor doesn't seem to like LTE. Samsung is even changing the processor on the US version of the Galaxy Note because of this (try to keep up). Third, I can easily get 14 hours of battery life on the regular battery, so I don't know what battery life issues you are talking about and this has been the best actual phone that I've ever had in terms of call quality.
Finally, just because phones will be announced at CES doesn't mean they'll come out right away. Look at what happened with the Bionic. Wasn't it announced at CES?

Wow, please check your facts. The TI OMAP 4460 finds its first use in the Galaxy Nexus. The GPU I'll give you, however, in my use with my GNex I've noticed no noticeable disadvantages when compared to ANY other phone I've had. This is the smoothest device I've every used, and it does a great job at handling so intense games, including Dead Space, Asphalt 6, and Fruit Ninja (which brought my DX2 to its knees). I think the no SD card really depends on the user. 32gb hands down a very large storage capacity for a mobile device, and I've yet to fill it up on my Nexus and never did with my Thunderbolt either. I don't have antenna issues, and I don't have battery issues. In fact, this may be the best battery life I've experiences yet on an Android handset. As for HDMI, MHL works on this one, meaning one less exposed port or chintzy little door on the side.

Samsung did an excellent job tuning this thing to pure ICS, and I'll enjoy the development for GNex and being first-in-line for updates.