World record holder.

Not content with calling the LG Optimus 2X "the world's first dual-core smartphone" themselves, LG has petitioned -- and received -- a Guinness Record for the 2X that spells it all out. 

"The first mobile phone to use a dual core processor is the LG Optimus 2X, which was first made available to the public nationwide in South Korea, on 25 January 2011. " says the official Guinness website.

The Optimus 2X may have taken a bit longer to arrive stateside as the T-Mobile G2X, but it's the same dual-core speed machine as the original Korean version, albeit with a more vanilla look to the OS.

The era of dual-core phones may have arrived, but LG has a pretty nice reminder to hang in their corporate office that they were first.

Source: Guinness World Records; via Facebook

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PvilleComp says:

The brass plaque should read



Mikey47 says:

Followed by 15 lines that say "Don't be so juvenile!"

GQ50 says:

So will this phone be released to other carriers?

Zylograth says:

They should also get a plaque for "The LCD screen with the most light leaking around the edges."

amardeus says:

If this was apple, they would patent using dual core smartphone and sue anybody who would put in a dual core processor into a phone.

I wouldn't doubt that they're trying anyway...

Ok wait...there are phones in this picture?