Arguably one of the most annoying parts of owning a smart phone is having to plug it in to charge it, and then unplug it to use it, and then plug it back in to charge it again. This is especially true if you use the device a lot, and the charging port of your device is located in an inconvenient place, which many of them have started to move to. LG Mobile has announced a new wireless charging system that they plan to use, which will allow users to place their device on the charging slab, and charge there device without needing to plug it in.

The battery doors will have special coils built in and contacts on it as well that will allow the charging to take place, and the mat will have multiple colored LED's that will help easily determine where in the charging phase the units are. Hit the break for more information about this new wireless charging solution from LG Mobile.

LG Wireless Charging Pad Features Industry Leading Charging Efficiency
LG Wireless Charging Pad Features Industry Leading Charging Efficiency

SEOUL, Mar. 22, 2011 -- LG Electronics (LG) announced today the LG Wireless Charging Pad (WCP-700). Featuring a sleek and sharp design, LG Wireless Charging Pad is poised to revolutionize wireless charging as we know it. With inductive coils built into the battery doors and internal contacts, advanced wireless charging technology allows for a cord-free power source - alleviating the need for external connections that limit the phones usability.

LG Wireless Charging Pad provides industry leading wireless charging and ergonomics. For easy and intuitive use, LG Wireless Charging Pad features audible and tactile feedback when a phone is placed on the pad, as well as multi-colored LED lights to indicate charging status. Taking the hassle out of charging your wireless devices, LG Wireless Charging Pad also sports a compact, sleek design to easily accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle.

Key Features:
- Visual, audible and tactile feedback – allows user to see, feel and hear when the phone is placed properly on the pad
* Power LED - Blue = Plugged in
* Battery LED - Orange = Ready to Charge
* Battery LED - Flashing Green = Phone is Charging Correctly
* Battery LED - Solid Green = Phone is Fully Charged

- Slim and sleek design – allows for convenient storage, taking up minimal space

- Effective Range – 7mm from center of placement guide

- Dimensions – 6.29”x3.54”x0.39”

Reader comments

LG Mobile introduces new wireless charging system


Man that charging pad is huge!

Too bad HP didn’t license out Palm’s Touchstone charger to everyone…


HP/Palm have had this for more than a year... and in a much more elegant solution... which they have now extended to make the Touchstone/Device interaction even more useful than just charging...

Actually, I didn't find the Pre's solution "elegant". It worked, and I liked it. But it was also tricky to position it correctly. I would much rather had a pad like this one- except the description seems to indicate it is just as picky as the Pre's (in which case, why does it have to be so large???)

GOD I wish the Evo 3D had offered inductive charging. Oh well.

News flash: Palm had this almost two years ago. Another news flash: it was better than this. Why do you need all those LEDs? You plug it in and set the phone on top. The phone says whether charging is in progress or complete. Plus that mat is huge! It says nothing of magnetic connectivity either. The Palm touchstone held on to your phone with a magnet so you could put it in your car or on your desk and it tilted your phone up so you could see it.

If this new charging mat brought something new to the table like maybe data transfer if you have the other end plugged in to a computer or SOMETHING... but it clearly doesn't.

In short, I say try again. Something like this that would hold the phone upright on an adjustable stand and have USB connectivity so it can plug in to a computer or access to the audio jack so you put the mount in your car with the mount plugged to aux input... you get the idea, but they don't. This does not one of those things. Lame.

This is the same idea as the power mat correct? Which you can charge mutiple devices on? It actually makes it harder to use being that it is flat, unless you are sitting at a desk which wouldnt matter if it was plugged in anyway I dont really see the perks of this charging system? If there are any perks that I am missing someone point them out please I may be completely off

UGH Palm did this 2 and half years ago with the launch of the Palm Pre on Sprint. How is this anything but a poor imitation?

Had the Palm Pre with the touchstone charger LONG before I got my EVO. The touchstone charger is a hell of a lot better then that crappy mat! (and more elegant too)

I still consider this an ingenious solution to a problem that just barely exists. You still have to go to where the charger is; it's not like it charges your phone just by being in the same room.

The only advantage is that you don't have to -- gasp! -- pick up the cable and plug it into the phone. Oh thank heavens! No more touching a cable to plug it in! Just how lazy can you get?!?

I think you are being very generous calling it ingenious considering there already are multiple products on the market that do the same thing...

"REVOLUTIONARY WIRELESS CHARGING SOLUTION" Really? "LG Wireless Charging Pad provides industry leading wireless charging and ergonomics." Industry leading? Really?! Clearly, LG did not bother look at the industry. Or they live in their own world with their own industry.
Palm Touchstone was announced and shown in action in January 2009 and released to market in June 2009.