LG G Pad 8.3.

At $349, LG's first major foray into the Android tablet market (we'll forgive them for that 3D thing in 2011) is truly something to behold

In the years since its relatively quiet into the world of Android, LG has stuck to a strategy that’s relatively familiar in the mobile market: throw products against the wall and see which ones stick. Sound familiar? It’s an approach popularized by LG’s main competitor, Samsung, which has been churning out Galaxies of countless sizes over the past few years in the hope that it finally hits consumers’ sweet spots.

But where LG differs from Samsung is in its execution. Rather than flood the market with Optimii of various sizes and shapes, LG appears to have studied which products work, and which ones don't.

The most recent result of all this is the LG G Pad 8.3, a thrilling, near-perfect device that stands out even in an Android tablet market that has finally grown into its own skin. It’s a product of time, effort, and attention to detail that proves just how well LG’s strategy is paying off. This is the Galaxy Tab Samsung hasn't quite noticed consumers want.

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Hardware: What's on the outside

Android Central

Without a doubt (in my mind, at least), this is the most gorgeous Android tablet on the market today. Its body is an amalgam of black-or-silver plastic and metal that’s both lightweight and durable — this is a tablet that both looks and feels far more expensive than its $349 price tag reveals.

The top of the G Pad houses the tablet’s power button, headphone jack, IR blaster, and microSD slot, expandable to up to 64 gigabytes. The right side houses the pronounced power button and volume rocker, while the microUSB charging port lives on the bottom. The tablet’s rear is stunning brushed metal, accented with stereo speakers that are capable of full, rich and detailed sound even at high volumes, making videos and music a pleasure to ingest. Due to the speakers’ placement along the tablet’s right side, in portrait mode, you’ll want to be holding the G Pad with your left hand.

LG G Pad 8.3.LG G Pad 8.3.LG G Pad 8.3.LG G Pad 8.3.

The G Pad’s 8.3-inch display is a wonder in both its quality and its portability — its 1920 x 1200 resolution IPS panel is as good as anything we’ve ever seen come out of LG’s labs, while its 8.3-inch size keeps the G Pad’s 126.5 mm-wide footprint relatively modest. The display packs vivid, crisp, and realistic colors, super-sharp detail, and superb viewing angles. In a word, it's stunning.

LG G Pad 8.3.

One interesting and potentially troubling note: I found the G Pad’s display to be less-than-responsive in cold temperatures. This is nothing new for mobile displays, but the G Pad’s issues appeared to be more pronounced than I’ve ever seen. I can’t give LG a free pass here, but it is likely that this was an isolated issue with my review unit. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to find much fault in this display.

What's on the inside

The G Pad 8.3's beauty is more than skin deep: its Snapdragon 600 processor, coupled with two full gigabytes of RAM, is an agile performer. You can spend a day sifting through benchmarks, which tend to place the G Pad’s performance slightly higher than the Nexus 7’s and the Galaxy Note 8’s, or you can simply spend a few hours using the device. It’s fast, it’s capable, and it’s powerful. This is one of smoothest experiences I have ever had on an Android tablet, period.

This is one of smoothest experiences I have ever had on an Android tablet, period.

Most important, and equally as impressive, is the G Pad’s battery life.  What good is a tablet that can’t get you through an entire day? Luckily, the G Pad 4,600 mAh battery is a strong performer, juicing the G Pad through at least two full days of light-to-moderate usage. During my time with the G Pad it often accompanied me throughout the day: I read magazines on the subway, listened to music while at work, and even watched TV before bed, and I rarely, if ever, had to plug in before the 36-hour mark. You’ll want to tweak some settings, as I found that the display at full brightness seemed to be a power hog, but overall I was pleased with fantastic usage and standby times.


LG G Pad 8.3.

Love it or hate it, LG’s custom UI is now an integral part of the company’s identity. Layered atop Android 4.2.2 on the G Pad, it screams what LG has become at every turn. You can trace its evolution back to the Optimus G – it’s there where we first met the vivid colors, over-the-top animations, and nitty-gritty customization that have come to define it. You can also trace its evolution back through the various iterations of TouchWiz, but we won’t go there (right now.)

Most of what we loved (or hated) on LG’s flagship G2 has carried over here, including the incredibly useful QSlide multitasking capability, the trusty Quick Memo notepad, and Knock Knock, one of my all-time favorite Android features. For an in-depth look at LG's custom UI, check out our review of the G2 in both Verizon and AT&T flavors.

Despite what you may think of the UI overall, it’s hard to ignore how useful and refined LG’s custom apps can be.

Despite what you may think of the UI overall, it’s hard to ignore how useful and refined LG’s custom apps can be. Akin to that difference in development strategy between Samsung and LG, the company’s software is similar yet very different: while Samsung has jam packed its Galaxies with experimental, and often useless software, LG has included some truly useful goodies on its devices while leaving some room to breathe.

What’s great about this software is that it doesn’t feel unnaturally stuffed onto a larger device like the G Pad— rather, it’s taken on a whole new purpose and meaning. Things like Q Slide, Slide Aside, and Quick Memo benefit immensely from the expanded screen real estate, and LG’s take on Samsung’s Smart Stay, dubbed Smart Screen and Smart Video, are extremely handy while reading and watching movies, two things that the G Pad excels in. Even LG’s Quick Remote avoids turning the G Pad into a comically-oversized remote by seamlessly integrating the tablet into your home entertainment experience.

Android CentralMost exciting, though, is LG’s QPair, an overdue piece of functionality that single handedly changes how an Android tablet integrates into your life. It uses Bluetooth to pair with your Android smartphone and syncs phone and message notifications, Quick Memos, and recently-used apps across both of your devices. This is something that app developers have been trying to do for ages, yet never could get quite as right as LG has.

It’s not perfect, though. Unfortunately, whereas the international G Pad can receive phone calls through QPair, here in the states it can only alert you of incoming calls. And though QPair supports Internet via phone, you’ll still need a mobile hotspot plan from your carrier. Despite QPair’s few shortcomings, I applaud LG for at least attempting to make this a standard feature on Android tablets — it’s about time tablets and smartphones act in sync.

LG has said it intends to release Q Pair as a standalone application so that it'll work with more smartphones — not just its own.

The LG G Pad 8.3 Ca​mera

LG G Pad 8.3.

Also carried over from the G2 is LG’s superb camera software, offering dozens of shooting modes, manual settings and added functionalities. LG’s camera UI is reliably fun and easy to use, and on the G Pad it’s no different.

Unfortunately, the G Pad’s 5MP sensor can’t match the G2’s top-of-the-line optics, and therefore is unable to produce photos that match the G2’s quality. Whereas the G2 is capable of producing large, deep, richly-detailed photos, the G Pad’s shots are significantly less impressive. They’re often washed out, faded, and blurry due to the lack of OIS, though with the right manual setting applied, and in the right conditions you can still capture decent shots.

I’m all for ignoring a tablet’s camera, as after all, it’s probably the device’s least-functional component. But here, I expected more from LG: given the G Pad’s compact size and stunning viewfinder display, its optics could have benefited greatly from some TLC. That’s one of the disadvantages of creating a near-perfect device: the shortcomings, no matter how small and insignificant, tend to stand out more obviously.

LG G Pad 8.3 camera sample LG G Pad 8.3 camera sampleLG G Pad 8.3 camera sample LG G Pad 8.3 camera sample
LG G Pad 8.3 camera sample LG G Pad 8.3 camera sample

The bottom line

LG G Pad 8.3.

LG quite simply has one of the best Android tablets available, with a price to match.

The G Pad represents not only how far LG has come over the past few years, but also how much Android tablets have grown. Two years ago LG was futzing with 3D cameras and displays; today, they’ve released the best Android tablet on the market. And that’s saying a lot in November 2013— the dark days of oversized, bogged down Android tablets are behind us, and we finally have a market filled with capable, gorgeous tablets. Android tablets are finally useful, supplementing your smartphone with a device large for books, magazines, movies and games, yet small enough to through in your bag, and the G Pad is the cream of the crop.

I’ve never met an Android tablet that’s more capable, more gorgeous, or more easy to use. Its lightweight and premium design is the ideal balance of size and portability, and that 8.3-inch display is as stunning as LG has spoiled us with in the past. The G Pad’s custom UI avoids feeling overwhelming, while its bevy of useful custom features make the G Pad more than just a toy.

I would have liked to see better optics make their way to the G Pad, as well as QPair’s most useful feature: the ability to receive calls. And I do feel that the device’s $349 is a bit steep, though it’s not necessarily unwarranted. Those few quibbles aside, I’m in love with LG’s G Pad 8.3.

A lot of Android manufacturers can call 2013 a good year, but for LG, 2013 was great. It finally found its stride, after years of stumbling and trying to find its way into the public eye. Today, the company is producing two of the best Android devices on the market. Will it become as financially successful as Samsung? Maybe not. But the biggest isn’t always the best., and cheers to LG for fighting the good fight. 


  • Beautiful design and build quality
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Perfect size and footprint
  • Top-of-the-line display quality
  • QPair adds a whole new purpose to the Android tablet


  • The camera is still very much a tablet camera
  • Some might be turned off by LG's custom UI, which is far from stock Android
  • Lacks the ability to receive calls like the international model

Reader comments

LG G Pad 8.3 review


You know. I would have agreed with you last year. However, Samsung is continuing to piss me off with everything they do that is only compatible with samsung. Starting to seriously consider LG

I just switched to LG G2 and I don't think I've ever had a better phone. I'm on it all day and never need to charge it,ever and it's fast.

Posted via Android Central App

You know. I would have agreed with you last year. However, Samsung is continuing to piss me off with everything they do that is only compatible with samsung. Starting to seriously consider LG

This is sarcasm right? The Tab 3 is barely a step up from a Fisher Price toy for infants...

Posted via Android Central App

I would trade my Nexus 10 in a second for this!

Posted via Android Central App using this sexy LG G2

More portability, perhaps? Maybe, they're not a fan of the stock Android experience?

Posted via Android Central App

I actually really like the LG UI, and I love the premise of Qpair with my G2. Plus my Nexus 10 freezes to often.

Posted via Android Central App

I really like the G pad with the q pair function, I UE an app from the play store called "tablet talk" it let's you sync your messages from your phone to the tablet I have a nexus 7 pared with my G2 works perfect and even connects automatically by Bluetooth and or WiFi, it even let's you dial and answer calls on the nexus 7, only thing is that for a phone call it uses your phones hands free speakers to talk.

Posted via Android Central App

Agree with the whole Samsung churns out products and sees what works without thought -___-.

This looks like an interesting tablet though, it has a great design and build quality at a low price

Posted via Android central app on my rooted LG Google Nexus 4

Forgivness is hard to give when you have loyally purchased many LG smartphones and even both versions of their first tablet and not provided update support. However... This tablet shows promise, and despite no 4.3 update for my LG Optimus G, I've calmed down and put LG back in my shopping list. Just in time for Christmas! PS. Forgiveness given.

ok, at this point i dont care what layout it is, but all the Android OEMs need to decide on one navigation button layout. I mean, LG cant even be consistent with its own products! The G2 is Google's layout, but their tablet uses Samsungs layout (but software). At least all of Samsungs products have the same layout, phone or tablet!

Umm, are you confused? The ONLY difference software-wise between this and the G2 is that this can change the launcher to operate in both portrait or landscape orientation.

This tablet actually comes with the option to change the navigation buttons to any layout you want. You can also choose the color scheme: black on white or white on black. It's pretty awesome!

Thats pretty cool. If everyone cant come together on one layout at least giving different options is a nice compromise.

You are confused the button layout is the same as the g2 and can be changed in settings.

Posted via Android Central App

well, as far as i could tell that info wasnt in the review, so i was going off of what was shown in the screenshots.

Could this be the mysterious tablet that showed up in the Google ad for kitkat last week that other sites are claiming to be the nexus 8?

Rumor is that LG is the manufacturer of the Nexus 8. While the ad may not have been the GPad, it is possible they share similarities based on who it was made by.

$350 seems fair, it's still cheaper than Amazon's equivalent (let alone the iPad mini)... This kinda tablet is never gonna be as cheap as a Nexus 7, as long as that and various Kindle Fires remain at $175-230 I wouldn't expect something like this to ever cost less than $300.

At most it's $50 more than it should be, but considering the amount of people pinning for removable media slots etc I would think there's a market out there that would eat the G Pad 8.3 up at $350... LG really needs a better name tho, they need a brand of some sort like One and Galaxy.

What happened to Optimus? If there's one thing Samsung has proven it's that branding and marketing go a long long way (and I couldn't care less for most Samsung designs). G Pad sounds awfully generic and vague, doesn't even look attractive in print... LG G Pad? Looks like the editor stuttered.

Optimus is still there, it's just not their "premium" brand. "G" is their premium brand.

Keep in mind that Amazon and Google sell their products at cost in order to get you to buy into their other markets. LG is selling this without the expectation of you subscribing to their services, so they need to make a profit somewhere. This tablet uses a newer processor and what is likely a newer screen, so it's not going to be based on last-generation parts, which are significantly cheaper.

The other option would be four half-gigabytes. You see, it's good that LG chose two full gigabytes, as splitting up these gigabytes would only contribute to Android's fragmentation problem. That is why the Nexus S and Nexus One only got two updates (compared to the GNex's three); they contained one half-gigabyte of RAM.

I have never wanted a tablet until now. My son has a Nexus 7, daughter a Kindle Fire and my wife a iPad. I will grab one and use it around the house to look something up real fast instead of breaking out the laptop but that was about it. But as soon as I saw this G Pad I have wanted it, the more reviews I see the more I want it.

It may have something to do with how much I love my G2. Either way this may very well end being my first tablet, just have to save a little money first. The only thing it does.n't have that I don't understand why is NFC. Would be some much easier to upload photos from the great G2 camera to the G Pad with NFC. Oh well I can live without it

QPair eliminates the need for NFC if you already have the G2.. Flip the switch and any Note, Pic, Msg you take on one device will show up on the other.. That's why I have stated I would buy the G-Pad 8.3/G2 combo over the Samsung Note 3/Smartwatch any day.. About the same cost.. but LG's combo is far more productive.

Yeah, Samsung had better watch out. LG is producing Android products that are less expensive and yet much more appealing and capable. If not for Samsung's marketing budget, I'd say Samsung will be losing a lot of market share to LG in the near future. But in this case, I'd say that LG will slowly start to cut into Samsung's market share.

I think they are just getting the mark up before the prices inevitably go down. One last hurrah if you will.

Posted via Android Central App

Well, they only have to keep the price at $350 through the holiday shopping season. After that, all of the new devices get announced in early 2014. They can squeeze in most of their sales in the next couple of months.

Posted via Android Central App

I have QPair on my LG Optimus G and my G Pad 8.3, same thing. Both are US versions; the Optimus G is the AT&T variant. You can either hang up or reply with a text. You can also reply to texts on your tablet (if you enable the pop-up background notifications), but you can't do anything else. No new texts, no reviewing old conversations, nada. Still, it's much better than the alternative, which is nothing. I can walk away from my phone now and see who's calling, reply to texts, pull up my notes, etc.

Ah, thanks for that info. I hope they expand the functionality (and device selection) because this could be a game changer for me.

It's supposed to work with any phone. I downloaded the QPair app for my phone from the Market. I don't have a non-LG device to check it with, but maybe someone else can take a look and report back.

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe your phone isn't running 4.1 or above. Cause its a must to qpair. I have the G2 with at&t and the awesome G Pad black and love my new devices. Check also for an update with qpair as this may solve your problem.

Anndrew, now that you've reviewed it, isn't it time for a contest? Perhaps requiring it to go to an AC member from Connecticut with an LG G2 who would give it a good home?

Posted via Android Central App

do all variants of the gPad come with microSD card slot? I ask because not all the G2 variants have one.

and I also wonder if there will be an LTE/3G version of this baby.

meanwhile I hope Samsung bring out a Note 8" 2014 version.

I agree with this review 100%. The Engadget review was such a joke. The reviewer clearly did not spend much time with the tablet. Some of his comments indicated that he didn't even know how to use the features that were described in the on-device tutorials.

This tablet is amazing. Great sound, great display, perfect size and weight, and so much more. LG's custom features don't get in your way. If you want them, they're there. If you don't, you will barely notice that they exist. The QRemote app is great, sensing that I'm at home (based on WiFi network, not location) and pulling up the remote control settings associated with my home TVs!

The device feels premium. It's like an iPad, minus the suck. In terms of top tablets on the market right now, I'd say it's a tie between the Nexus 7 and the G Pad 8.3. One of them has a bigger screen and expandable storage. The other one gets more frequent updates and offers a little more portability. However, that isn't to say that the G Pad is clunky. You can use it with one hand easily. If you use it with 2 hands in landscape mode, LG designed it in such a way that your fingers won't cover the speakers, unlike so many other tablets.

QPair is already in the Android Market. It's a really cool feature! I wish it allowed me to start a new conversation via text message directly from my tablet, and you're right about answering a call. I want that feature too. It's frustrating when my tablet starts ringing, and I can't answer.

This Lg G pad seems to be a very capable tablet and the size and style seem to be pros aswel as the screen and overall performence. I do enjoy trusted reviews, but just shows that what one reviewer finds a great device another disagree's its all opinion at the end of the day. but that said reviews should be impartial and the write up should be balanced and fair unless the device really is that bad. So i would have to say this review is well written and will leave it there :-)

Posted via Android Central App

I like it but just too much for an 8 inched. I do think my next round of devices is going to drop Sammy for LG. Just can't stand the stupid physical home button on Samsungs...

I own one of these, and I really think it's worth $350. You're essentially getting a device that would sell for at least $100 more if it was a Samsung product, and the Samsung version would use cheap plastic and have a ridiculous UI. I'd encourage you to check it out at Best Buy to get your hands on it. It's very nice.

Posted via Android Central App

I too needed a rest from ol'samy products do to many issues over the years. I decided to explore more options and another brand period. I was watching youtube vids and came across this G Pad and checked it out and absolutely love it, and the bad too the bone G2 phone. You really should try these devices out too see for yourself. It won't disappoint you.

I would buy a Gpad Google play edition or Nexus 8 with this as a basis. Otherwise Optimus UI & the Software Menu button is just too much. Rooting& Roming without a factory image to fall back on in case I need to return for warranty is too risky for me.

If you Root it.. The next step is to install a Custom Recovery so you CAN flash ROM's... You simply do a backup on your CURRENT image and flash that saved image should the need ever arise to return your device to stock for Return, Sale or Warranty work.

I say it again. Right now LG does make the best Android devices period. Beauty and features and innovation is all LG right now.

Posted via Android Central App

Guys I have owned this tablet since his past friday, I returned the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to get it. It is easily the best tablet I have ever owned with ONE exception, the contrast levels can be too dark, especially when watching movies. The brightness levels on this thing just doesn't get high enough. Watching a movie with dark scenes, just be prepared to turn the brightness up above 55% This was also mentioned in another review as the only knock against this tablet.

Other than that small issue, its truly a remarkable table! Easily the most premium android tablet I have ever owned

You know, you're right. If you have the screen at 100%, it's really bright. If you move it down to anything less than 100%, it's a huge decrease. Like 99% is actually closer to what should be 50%. 0% isn't much different than 99%. Is yours like that too?

Posted via Android Central App

I had one of these on Saturday, bought it from bestbuy, returned it Sunday, this review really doesn't paint the whole picture.

1st the tablet lags, you can open an app and it will do nothing then suddenly open after a second or two, doesn't sound much but when your using it you can definitely feel it

2nd it gets really hot at the top near the camera when in use, maybe that's because of the aluminum back but it it does get really hot to the touch.

3rd you get 9gb of the 16gb and their is no Apps2sd making large sd card only useful for your music and movies.

4th Qpair is flaky and more of a gimmick, sometimes it won't pair, sometimes it takes a while and sometimes it just doesn't work at all.

5th accessories are not an option, it has like one case available

6th The battery is big but it drains pretty quick when using it, much more than my buggy Nexus 7 2013.

It's a great looking tablet with a great screen, its like the HTC One when it comes to build quality, but it's trying to hard to be a Samsung tablet with the custom UI, anyone who's used a Samsung tablet will notice this straight away, and the list of negatives made, this a no go for me, just my 2 cents and a few pointers for people to consider

Posted via Android Central App

Umm, you lost all credibility when you said it only has 9Gb available out of 16GB. The truth is it has 11.04GB available. You're drunk, go home.

Ok 11 I'm sorry I thought it was 9gb.....again.... No apps2sd, you lost all credibility when you ignored the rest of the post, im drunk and your ignorant.... Go home :)

Posted via Android Central App

I didn't ignore the rest of your post, I just didn't think the rest was worth commenting on. I can't say for sure whether they'll ever offer Apps2SD but I think it's safe to say that the majority of people who bitch about no SD card are the ones who only use it for media consumption anyway. Let's just say you're a minority in this regard as 11GB is a decent amount for apps.

Ok and what about the other issues? And your not ignorant and I'm not drunk, it was an error, I can only go off experience having owned the tablet... Something you have yet to do

Posted via Android Central App

I can't say for sure about the other issues you had. Yeah, we can stop with the put downs. Sorry about that. However, in my hands-on time I never experienced any of that. There's a lot of factors at stake here. One being that not every CPU is binned the same. (This is something I learned while owning the HTC One and it legitimately makes a difference in how well processes are handled.)

I totally agree Johnathon regarding the CPU, I could have just had a borked unit, it just kinda put me off trying it again, I have a N7 2013 that's buggy as hell, I really didn't want to go down that path again

Posted via Android Central App

I can understand that. I had the same issue with a Nexus 7 (2013) I bought two weeks ago. It was the dreadful touchscreen issues that everyone has been complaining about. Keep in mind I pay a lot of attention to when a device is announced and manufactured. The particular N7 I bought was the last one at Wal-Mart and it was ironically manufactured 6/7 so that leads me to believe it was one of the first batches. I'm sure my experience might have differed with a newer batch but I haven't gone back since so I can't fault you there. Asus just doesn't have a great track record with me personally.

I'm going to try the LTE version on with the $16 a month plan, its funny how Tmobile will not allow any N7 2013 made before October 31 on the 200mb free plan, makes me wonder if tmobile by waiting no something we don't about these earlier N7s

Posted via Android Central App

Yup, the fine print got me too. It says you can bring your own tablet but it lists several tablets that do not apply, the Nexus 7 LTE being one of them. I tried to save 35 by purchasing from Google, TMobile said it was a no-go. It needs to be purchased from them.

Posted via Android Central App

What if he doesn't have anything to say about the rest of the post? Would you have called him ignorant if he didn't reply at all to your post?

Well to say it's not worth commenting on is somewhat ignorant, I swear to god some of you on here feel like it's a personal attack when someone dislikes what you like.

Anyways me and Johnathon are past that, your just trying to stir the pot

Posted via Android Central App

I can see how my comment came off as harsh. I didn't mean to make it sound like that, hope there are no hard feelings :)

Not at all, we all have things in common here, we love tablets and phones, have a good night bud

Posted via Android Central App

what do you expect when all the aijphoney users have been there and messed it up..it needs a reset n0w..then it'll be fine

This tablet sounds nice, but I'm also interested in HP's new 8 inch tegra 4 tablet. That one has a different aspect ratio and a great screen as well.

Posted via Android Central App

Didn't know about this, I'll go check it out now thanks for mentioning it

Edit: just checked it out, HP slate 8 PRO, now that sounds great, out this month in the USA, ill be all over that I'd it's priced similar to the LG

Posted via Android Central App

Keep in mind, it's an HP. It's gonna suck, guaranteed. Plus those Tegra 4 chips have not been doing well in practical use. They seem to run hot.

Posted via Android Central App

be careful of ingesting too much music or too many videos from any device. Can lead to terrible stomach ache.

Posted via Android Central App

LG is on a roll man. The G pro, the G2, the Nexus 5, and now the G pad. I am becoming enamored.

Posted via Android Central App

LG is hulking up for sure. They are turning into what HTC should have been if it werent run by a bunch know nothing empty suits. I like this tab but i like my N7 better.

This review was very heavy on praise and light on actual information. Not saying the tablet doesn't deserve the praise, just that it seemed like a fairly one sided review.

So a reviewer actually finds the device overwhelming good, and you don't like his review? The GPad is actually a great tablet. I have one.

I'm loving my G Pad. Rooted it the day I got it. The article was short and sweet and right on the money as far as I'm concerned. As for the cost, compare it to the GNote 8, plus it is only $80.00 more than the 2013 N7 32gb version and you can put a 64gb micro sd in this thing. I have a 2012 N7 and love the extra size of this tablet plus it's not much larger than my 2012 N7. Very easy to handle with one hand. The screen is absolutely stunning. LG's UI really is not that intrusive. My wife has a GNote 10.1 and LG's UI is much less overbearing. Before you diss this tablet keep in mind LG has done a great job making the Nexus 4 and now Nexus 5. As a previous post said, LG appears to be on a roll.

Not gonna argue with anyone else's experience, but my unit gets warm up top after 2 straight, mindless hours of Dead Trigger 2 with brightness at 80%.

Battery lasts almost 2 full days of gaming, browsing and emails. Standby time still drains a tad.

NO LAG whatsoever. Apps and games load faster than my LG Optimus G with all 4 cores turned on.

Screen is a bit dark.

Loving it and LG in general. If my LG OG breaks im getting a G2 or Nexus 5 for sure.

All Tablets will get warm after 2 hrs of intense graphics use.. To keep the cores operating at maximum performance levels they have to dissipate heat.. it's going to radiate somewhere.. Just like any computer, Receiver, T.V..

If you have heat at idle.. Like a lot of the Hisense Sero 7 Pro's had because of faulty heat sink materials that's one thing...

But what you speak of is natural heat dissipation.

i re read my post and it did look like a complaint. But its true that devices get hot after a long period of intense gameplay. I meant that it takes 2 hours to do so, whereas my old HTC One X and my current LG Optimus G get hot after only an hour at least. So 2 hours is a good thing lol.

Great review, so nice to see such positive things about an LG product after the slaughtering LG G2 takes on most sites...

I picked this up on Saturday and it is an awesome "tech coupling" with my LG G2. The ONLY thing missing from the G Pad is "VuTalk feature" (y'all prolly never even heard of that, its the way two LG Phones can send pics, maps, doodles, images in REAL TIME, very cool) and only other drawback is a "less feature packed Quick Remote than is on LG G2(on G Pad, no "off brand" televisions for selection and only TV & settop boxes can be programmed, whereas LG G2 you can do numererous types of devices from air conditioners to Blu Ray players)...

Other than those 2 shortcomings, this tablet is really done up right! (And of course no data/LTE but for me with T-Mobile and their generous Hotspot allowance, it being a wifi only tab is a non-issue... (I get 6.5 GB Hotspot Data for 10 bucks added to my unlimited plan : )

I notice the difference in processing power ever so slightly due to owning LG G2 with its Snapdragon 800, but honestly, from form lightweight form factor, quality (mostly) aluminum build, to price, to performance, to beautiful display screen, to 8.3 size, to weight, to onboard SD card, to battery life, to really helpful features packed in to LG's UI to sound volume, to not having proprietary connector & to being able to Q-Pair with ANY phone device (Not just LG phone) this is one useful companion! Loving mine so far : )

Wow, didn't mean to ramble so much! But once I start talkin' about LG these days, there ain't no shuttin' me up! lol


I bought an LG G Pad 8.3. I agree with everything I've read here except the bit about the speakers. To my ears they're not so great. There is, though, one thing about this device that irritates me greatly, you can lock screen rotation - but only in portrait mode.

I worry about this device sticking around. It was released on Nov 3, but on that day, and for several days thereafter (and as far as I know - still) none were placed on display in any of the Best Buys I visited. They had them in stock so I bought one (the only way I could get a demo). It's definitely a keeper. Also, there are no cases or covers available for it except one. It ships from China .. It would arrive at my home in December, December 25th at the latest. So .. I'm working on making my own.

There are four things about this G Pad 8.3 that I really appreciate (the reasons I bought it) ..(1) Even with its large screen it still fits in your inside jacket or coat pocket (or, for that matter, your front pants pockets). (2) It doesn't just have GPS, it has full assisted GPS. With most tablets you have to buy the cellular version to get that (3) With its micro SD card slot there's no need to spend extra money for 32, 64 or 128 GB of storage ($100 dollar increments in the iPad). (4) The display is BIG, something that's truly appreciated after using a 7 inch device for a while (not just big, crisp and crystal clear big).

And finally, it's friendly, intuitive, and easy to use.

Currently £230 online at Asda in the UK, back to £250 after Tuesday, mine's on its way :-)

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A little too enthusiastic review from Mr. Vacca. But most of the praise is warranted. I got mine from Best Buy yesterday and this thing is better than the iPad mini in just about every way. Battery life has been criticized by other publications. And most users will want to install a launcher to remedy LG's swipe animations and icons. But is it worth $100 more than the Nexus 7? That is the question. For the sleek design and superior display, I would argue yes. Barely. We're spoiled. We expect a lot for little money these days. A price drop on this and it would be a big hit for LG. I think it is a luxurious step up from the Nexus 7 in any case.

Two criticisms mentioned above that i've experirnced -- battery doesnt last long at all, and i wonder if its just mine. No way can i get 8 hours without recharging, and the other is heat at top and a third of a way down experirnced while watching an hour movie on internet archive.org. and still no decent cases and this thing needs protection,

the battery on mine got dramatically better within a few days.

At first it kept dropping so fast, everytime I looked it had dropped significantly...reminded me of my Nexus 4... 100%, 89%, 63% etc...Now, it has leveled off remarkably. 100%, 96%, 91%, 88%...u get the pic....lol

And I also noticed the heat the first day, when it was installing all my apps and updating, i was like, dang this thing gets warm, my Optimus G Pro was way smaller running same SoC and it never got hot, but since that first day, the aluminum is cool to the touch everytime I pick it up (but I do not game)


Late to the party I know. Bought mine using the Asda deal (UK). Been using it for a week. May never turn on my N7 2013 again. Gpad is not quite so snappy but otherwise beats the N7 for me in every way. Added 32 gb sd card. Can't do that with N7. OTG works way better. Keyboard is huge step forward. Camera is adequate. Screen is superb. Battery life good. LG interface is close to stock with thoughtful useful additions. Knock on is great when it works. Bluetooth streams more sweetly than N7 (proprietary? ). Build quality is great.
Things move on I guess. With the Asda deal it was actually cheaper than my N7 too.
Guess it will never get kitkat but I don't really care.
Love it, and thanks to AC for pointing up the Asda deal.

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