Lenovo Lephone

Behold, the Lenovo Lephone. We're trying to decide whether this keyboard is a work of art, or if it's just going to give us headaches. The pictures point to the latter, though it may well turn out to be more usable that it looks. Otherwise, we're still looking for the 3.7-inch, WVGA device in the first have of the year in China. Loads more pics after the break. [Flickr via Engadget

Lenovo Lephone Lenovo Lephone 

Lenovo Lephone Lenovo Lephone 

Lenovo Lephone Lenovo Lephone 

Lenovo Lephone Lenovo Lephone 


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Lenovo Lephone gets pictured



The keyboard detaches from the phone. The keyboard comes with a cool case and a detachable battery so you can set it on the dock, place on a table or something and watch away. Definitely a very cool idea.

I could easily put the keyboard case in my computer bad and carry the phone in my pocket and use the keyboard only when I need to. But, alas, this will never make it to the US.

The keyboard looks really usable as I usually used both thumbs on my old Nokia 9300i - the pointing device in the middle means that whatever thumb is nearest at the time gets to use it, which is a big improvement on having the pointing device on the far bottom right corner - I always found my dominant hand too heavy to really use the pointer effectively without being too heavy-handed with it and accidentally pressing it when I wanted to push it...

Is Lenovo going to release their phones to the UK market? I certainly hope so...