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Both entry-level and high-end devices with the Motorola brand will hit China and emerging markets

Motorola may have been hemorrhaging money under the control of Google, but Lenovo seems to think the company's losses will be an easy fix going foward. Following an earnings call for his company, CEO of Lenovo Yang Yuanqing proclaimed that when it comes to Motorola, "in a few quarters we can turn around the business."

Assuming that the necessary regulatory approval from the U.S. and China goes according to plan, Motorola will soon be owned by Lenovo and the transformation can begin. Yuanqing went on to explain that as soon as Lenovo owns Motorola outright, it "will relaunch and reintroduce the Motorola brand back to China and other emerging markets." Lenovo sold nearly 14 million of its own-branded phones in China just in Q4 2013 alone, up 47 percent from last year.

The Motorola brand will be used in both the premium and entry-level markets, Yuanqing says, indicating that the combination of handsets like the Moto X but also the Moto G will be useful in its upcoming strategy. There's no indication of how Lenovo will balance the use of its own brand name and the newly-acquired Motorola brand in markets such as China where it already has a strong presence, however.

It's clear that whomever takes the helm as the new CEO of Motorola has quite the ride ahead of them.

Source: Bloomberg


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Lenovo claims Motorola will return to profitability shortly, reintroduce brand to China and other markets


Sorry, I hear they've already asked for an interview with the guy who ends every comment with: "DO YOU HEAR ME CHOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". It's apparent he has all the answers a smartphone OEM could need.

Damn. I had big ideas though. I wanna pack every smartphone with a fuzzy teddy bear. I mean, who doesn't like fuzzy teddy bears?

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Fine I'll personally shave your teddy bear. See that's how great of a CEO I'd be. I'll listen toy customers on a personal level.

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More volume. More Motorolas. As long as the software strategy stays light, I think Lenovo can pull this off and still look good with tech writers.

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Curious about the Motorola brand in China though.

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I don't trust them. They may have turned ThinkPad around but turning Motorola around is a different ball game. They will make a lot of sacrifices and resources at Motorola to cut down the bleeding money. And eventually stamp the Motorola name onto one of their crappy Lenovo phones.

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Uhhh, what gives you the impression that Lenovo phones are crappy? Their high-end products are very nice and sleek.

I like lenovo, they aren't stupid.

I don't know why everyone wants moto to stay the same as it was under Google. That obviously didn't work out. The X was a good phone (great even) but when you look at it nest to a S4 for the average consumer the S4 will win.

The old strategy didn't work. Why would they keep that strategy?

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Because Google didn't have enough resources to provide Motorola to produce more phones. Lenovo has the resources but they are not Google. They have a different culture that they will force Motorola to abide by which will show in their future phones

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You can't seriously say Google didn't have the resources, if there is one thing Google doesn't lack it is money. Have a look at Google's profits, Motorola's losses were pocket change to them. It does take time to turn round a large company like Motorola though, its possible that Google's efforts would return Motorola to profitability in due course.

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Their resources are tied up to other stuff, like Fiber. Business allow budgets for their investments and resources for R&D. No one knows what Google has up their sleeves and they just bought 3 other companies they also are going to be putting resources into as well.

They have a lot on their plate right now.

I think what the press and those who follow the industry closer than the average consumer want Lenovo to not change Motorola's current software strategy. "We" want near-stock Android with features in the Play Store and updates coming quickly after a new version of Android launches.

What I want from Lenovo is to plaster these Motorola devices everywhere - Samsung-level marketing.

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I'm talking hardware not software.

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The only reason why the average consumer would choose the S4 over the Moto X is brand recognition. People are sheep.

Calling people sheep does not make you sound as smart as you think. I for one hate talking to my phone, and that is huge on the X. I don't care how much faster or better it may be, I hate it.


Phone choice is personal, but you don't HAVE to talk to the Moto X, it's an option, just like Samsung's features are (mostly). There are many other reasons to prefer the Moto X over the latest Samsung device. Size (bigger isn't better, bigger is bigger). Battery life. Cost. A more pure Android experience. No bloat. Faster updates. Active notifications. Etc.

I know, I was just proving a point, that the main draw to the X is not what everyone wants. Calling people sheep is starting to bug me more and more. Usually the guys calling people sheep think other choices are stupid, and inferring they are so much smarter because they made such an enlightened choice. Drives me crazy.


Ohh, and the S4 came out months before, has a bigger screen, and is a Samsung. Or do I have to call it a sheepsung, or whatever the slam is for the day.


Because it has a bigger screen it makes it better? Ugh.
The average consumer WOULD pick the S4 based on brand recognition because the average consumer IS sheep he isn't trying to sound smart that's just the truth. If it makes you feel dumb well that's your fault.
Look at the iPhone or Beats or get a job at Best Buy if you want proof.

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I'll repeat it, another way for you. Just because advertising on TV works, buying something based on an ad does not make you a sheep. But if you want to go down that road, I'll turn it around. Basing you decision based only on reviews on tech blogs, but then claiming those comments are you own based on experience ideas, makes you even more of a sheep. Actually, it makes you some form of annoying hipster.


No there are many reasons, reasons you do not care about obviously, but good ones.

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

We don't actually know that the strategy didn't work. In business terms, Google owned Motorola for the blink of an eye. It takes time to acquire a company, change gears, and turn things around. Given a few more years, I'm confident that Motorola's strategy would have turned out great. They are trying very hard even now to increase Motorola's marketshare and keep Motorola's name in the news with all of these great sales. Sure, they're losing money overall, but Google has never been a short-term player. Everything they do happens with the very long-term in mind, which is unusual for many companies that live quarter to quarter, trying to appease investors NOW. Once they get a Moto phone in your hands, they increase their chances of you coming back to them with future business, and their chances of your friends, family, and acquaintances hearing about and wanting to get a Motorola product.

SO some of what I got out of that is that they are going to flood the market with cheap phones.

Welcome to MotoSung

For the record, I welcome more Moto G-class devices. Make a 4" and 4.3" Moto G!

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Motosung Lol.

They don't make EVERYTHING yet.

Samsung does.

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Lenovo has high end phones too! Why does everyone assume that Lenovo intends to return Motorola to profitability by selling low-margin phones for the prepaid market? Lenovo has some amazing high-end phones.

Flood the market in a Samsung-esque fashion and produce top-end performers to really showcase what they're capable of.

At least that's what I'd expext heh. Hopefully they don't shit the bed on the software side though.

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HTC and LG have been doing that and it's not working as well as it should. It takes billions of dollars of marketing to reach Samsung sales.

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HTC is not really doing g that at all. They had what 5 real releases last year? Hell there were 4 galaxy s 4s alone.

LG is trying the Samsung strategy in alot of ways, and yeah I think it is working

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Really skeptical that they can help, just because it seems crazy difficult for anyone but Samsung to succeed with android right now. BUT i really hope Lenovo is right. I just fear that their successful Motorola will be making phones i personally have no interest in. I'd love to see a Lenovorola Nexus at the end of this year though :-)

Moto needs to advertise and market the hell out of their phones similar to what Samsung does.
"I only want a Galaxy or an iPhone I don't want an Android"- Your average consumer
Yes that has happened to me on more than one occasion. Honestly I don't see how Lenovarola COULDN'T get Samsung numbers with proper advertisement.

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I think Lenovo will do a great job. I personally am excited about this change and I might buy a moto product again. Time shall tell! :-D

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Lenovo is good value but their weakness is that they are Chinese...

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Fortunately for them, the only person(s) who would have that view are Americans. Every bank employee I know (mine and competitors) have Lenovo laptops. Lenovo will do well at the expense of non Samsung android OEMs.

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Please, please please, don't follow samsung and htc with the damn stupid skins.

Give us plain android and keep treating DE phones as first class citizens.

Meanwhile, a 5"+ screen and removable batt would be great. and if you can add a microsd slot, even better.

What's "plain" Android?

Does it "plain" Android have the Nexus 5 exclusive launcher? Or is "plain" Android running on the current Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10, and all of the GPe devices?

Yeah, I think it will work out too. But I hope not too much changes. I really like my moto x and the speed of the software updates etc. Just hope they don't forget where moto is from. They want a foot in the door over here, then let's see what you got. Don't just focus on china. The future looks bright in my view. Lenovo is a good company and they seem to know what the heck they're doing.

Well the only way to turn a struggling company to profit in a short time span is to cut back on costs which probably means gutting the company to some extent. The fact that the CEO is leaving is not a good sign.

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