Verizon roadmap

The folks over at IGN (yeah, the game guys) got their hands on a leaked internal Verizon document that shows release dates for a slew of Android phones, as well as info about the LTE upgrade for the Motorola Xoom.  The big fellas on the list, the Motorola Bionic and Samsung Stratosphere, look to be scheduled for a September 8 release date, here's the break down:

Interesting to see the Thunderbolt and Revolution getting replaced in stores so soon, but that doesn't mean they are gone out to pasture -- just that something else will occupy their shelf space.  Also seeing the Stratosphere (rumored to be Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S II) and Bionic launching on the same day comes as a bit of a shocker.  And maybe the most interesting thing is the unnamed Galaxy Tab P8 -- could that be the 8.9 inch Galaxy Tab so many of us have been waiting for?  We'll have to wait a bit and see.  In the meantime, looks like the whole Verizon lineup just got a good bit better.

Source: IGN


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Leaked Verizon document shows Bionic, Stratosphere, Vigor release dates and more


I can bet that the Stratosphere is the LTE slider that leaked a while back that looked like an EPIC 4G.

It makes NO sense whatsoever to release two high end Android phones with LTE on the same day unless they differ in so many ways.

It cannot be the Galaxy S2, its already been leaked for a long time now running that its going to be called the "Function"

It makes more sense to release a Mid-range LTE slider alongside a "close to high end" Android LTE device. I say close-to because the Bionic isn't what it should've been months ago.

wow so lets see vzw forces every one into a two contract, takes away rebates raises phone prices. then in six months they kill your phone and try to force you to pay outa of pocket or feel guilty you have a old phone. i do not like this new practice. and by the way this thursday podcast should be a bitchhh fest. this so ridiculous

This has been happening forever something new always comes out a few months better if you cant handle that then dont buy a phone or suck it up and pay full retail. Just because you cant keep a phone for more than a few months doesn't mean that is verizon's fault to get new and better phones to attract new customers.

Well, hope those dates are true. I'd like to get my hands on both the Bionic and SGII and pick one or the other soon.

There's no way the Stratosphere is the SGSII, do you really think Verizon would release two top-tier smartphones on the same day? I agree with chuckz28, its probably a netbook.

My fear with the Vigor is we need to see it, this has all the makings of a Brick of a phone. I am going SGS2, Moto really screwed up with the Bionic, if these dates are correct who in their right mind would go with a phone that is technically 4 months old already?

Somebody smart enough to not buy a phone that is 7 months old already (SGSII)?

I mean, the SGSII is a great phone, but why do people continue to bash the Bionic as not being "high end" enough and then will go out and buy a phone that isn't any more high end and isn't newer?

I tried telling the blogs the model numbers are similar for a reason.

ADR6400LVW - HTC ThunderBolt
ADR6425LVW - HTC Vigor

and this confirms it has LTE so we can finally stop guessing whether or not it has.

LVW - LTE device

not to mention if it were replacing the ThunderBolt, it would have LTE, so thats a duh.

Make sense to me I had someone at a verizon wireless store telling me he tries his best to sway people away from upgrading to the tbolt because it's so horrible. He said even after the update, the battery is laughable, especially to people who are coming from an older phone and are used to their current battery life. He pushes them towards the Charge if they must have LTE for now.

Crackberry guys are a little pissed that the Curve is getting 4G treatment before the Bold.

I just hope that the Stratosphere ends up being the SGS2 with 4G and a slider so I have a good comparable against the bionic before I decide on one.

Another Samsung phone releasing on 29th September. Anyone heard anything about Samsung Illusion?
I feel like this one is going to be the Galaxy S II and it's 3G folks :(

The Revolution 2 might be interesting if its dual core and LTE I haven't seen the original in person and I also have not had an LG phone in a long time so I can't really recall how I feel about their build quality. This whole road map could be bogus anyway. Seems to soon to be replacing the tbolt and revolution.

I am looking forward to seeing the Revolution 2 actually. I haven't had an LG since the CU500 on at&t which was their first 3G regular phone lol. The LG revolution though does feel really well in the hand and stuff, and definitely an alternative if you don't want HTC or Samsung.

I am eligible for upgrade at end of September. It is nice to see I will have some new dual core LTE phones to choose from. I am still leaning towards the Bionic.

If the GS2 had come out last week, I would own it. But now it is too late. I will be waiting for the Vigor, that sounds like a beast. So Samsung has already blown it.

I would like to see more about the Vigor, because of now it has all the makings of being a HUGE phone, and that would be a deal breaker for me.