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Credible-looking shots of the successor to Sony's QX10 and QX100 Android-friendly cameras have leaked out. The source claims the ILCE-QX1 camera will cost 300 euros for the body alone and 450 euros to get it with the 16 - 50 mm lens. It'll include a built-in flash and uses a special e-mount system.

Other photos have shown how the battery and SD card are loaded in, a few glimpses at the smartphone viewfinder app, and some lifestyle shots of the QX1 in action for selfies, family shots, and photography with other lenses and a tablet.

There aren't any other details beyond that, but we can expect this device to be getting an official unveiling tomorrow when IFA starts in earnest. At first glance, is this something you guys would be interested in picking up? Who has experience with the original QX series of lens-size cameras?

Source: Sony Alpha Rumors


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Leaked Sony QX1 pictures show off next-gen Android-friendly camera


What's the point of mounting the mount, then mounting the sensor, then mounting the lens? Couldn't the sensor be mounted directly to the camera without having that extra mechanism? Is there maybe a battery something going on there?

Also, I love mirrorless cameras, this is cool!

The clip that attaches to the phone is the same mechanism as the current QX10 and QX100. This would just add a third piece, which is obviously because it's mirrorless not a point and shoot like last years.

I have a great experience with my DSC-QX10. It takes excellent pictures and videos and works great with the PlayMemories app. Its biggest strength is that it make the smartphone choice much easier since I don't have to care about the internal camera any more. I.e. instead of being forced to buy a device with issues like bloatware because of a bad camera in a vanilla/CM product etc, I can opt for the best Android experience and step back on the camera.

I think those lens cameras provide a great solution for photographing and I think their key strength is to eliminate the need for disregarding or choosing devices based on internal camera modules. It is evident that the best device from a software point of view seldom has the best camera or vice versa. It is also a way of keeping the back of the smartphone smooth instead of trying to put a camera bump on in order to make space for better optics etc while still being forced to compromise.

I have the QX10 too and it's collecting dust. The app is very bad and slow. The connection to the phone is unreliable. By the time it's connected, you most likely already miss the moment.

This would actually solve my dilemma, I have a NEX-5N and have been looking at the A6000 body since I've got a couple of lenses already. Hopefully it has that fast autofocus like the new cameras.

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Funny. I'm dealing with the exact same scenario with what to do with my E-Mount lenses if I go full frame.

I will definitely keep an eye on this.

And I am too. Have an Alpha 65 and an expensive SAL 18-250 lens and have been thinking about the A99 full frame but can't find a lens with even close the range (and I don't want to carry two lenses around all the time) :(

I have the QX100, and while the hardware and idea behind this type of add on camera seems promising, in reality it kind of sucks.

The wireless connection is unreliable and the screen on the phone is lagging behind.

The time from turning the camera on and starting the app on the phone until you can actually take a photo is ridiculous.

After a taking a photo you have to wait like forever before the photo is processed and you can take the next photo. That's when you have saving on the phone disabled. With the setting to save the photo on the phone, it can take minutes (!) to process the photo and it can even fail if you use it at a crowded space with many WLANs interfering.
Battery life is mediocre at best. No RAW options.

Actually I can't see any use for this camera module, a NEX or A6000 camera have the same "wireless display" functionality over WLAN, but then you get a real camera to use when you don't need a wireless display and is 1000x faster.

There is also great Android apps for controlling non-Sony and older DSLR-cameras via USB-OTG, which is way faster and more reliable then WLAN.

I love my qx10, 2nd hand from eBay. Wi-Fi was laggy, but not after the firmware update. Best use for me? Not using it attached to my Xperia, but mounting it on a selfie extendable pole. Use as a mono-pod or extend into the air for a 3m view above the crowd at concerts. The lens does not have to be near the smartphone. Also, the nfc bonding works like a charm.

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I was debating the QX 10 before recently buying a Canon DSLR. Swappable lenses certainly makes the whole package more interesting.

Qx-100 owner here and the hardware is great. It's the ridiculously lousy software that jams it up and makes it unusable. I spent two days at a concert recently and really just got annoyed in the end with the camera. The software continuously freezes up and the focus is horrible. Half the time I just tried taking pictures without a display at all and that's hard because you can't tell if the focus is working right. The image stabilization is excellent though. I have benign tremors and all my shots come out without shaky cam and I was holding up the camera during a video of a bands song and my arm was getting so tired it was shaking a lot, but the video still turned out smooth and stable. I'm going to be annoyed if they release new hardware without solving the horrible software end.

I've got the QX10 and have to agree with previous posters that the hardware is fantastic but the software is horrible. It does take brilliant pictures and the off camera use combined with a tripod or gorillapod is very useful for landscape or nature photography. Patience is the one thing you really need to get the best from the QX10, it's certainly better than carrying a separate point and shoot to supplement your smartphone camera. If they upgrade and improve the software for these new lenses and make it backwards compatible for the QX10\100 it should make them much more useful.

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