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It looks as though the Galaxy Note 2 is going to have some new color options for 2013 -- at least brown and red as seen in a leaked image today. The official color names are "Ruby Wine" and "Amber Brown," but we think just "red" and "brown" will do. Our first reaction is to think that these may be carrier- or region-specific variants that get the new colors, but considering that the original two colors made it around the world at launch, we could see these hit the U.S. carriers as well.

This may remind you of a leaked image from a couple days ago which showed a Note 2 in svelte black casing, but AndroidSlash has updated its original story to say that the image appears to be a fan-made fake. For now, the best bet is that we'll see brown and red along with the current crop of colors. Anything more is a bonus.

Source: UnwiredView; AndroidSlash


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Leaked images show new red and brown Galaxy Note 2 versions


If I were in the market for a GN2, I'd totally get the Brown version. I've always loved the color on devices.(yes, even the brown/green double-shot first gen Zune which I still have and love)

The Grey model wasn't available in Saudi Arabia when launched at first, it became available in low stocks a few weeks later.... at a higher price :/

Poo brown and menstrual red, how could anyone think these were good color choices? Ugly, ugly, ugly. And the reports of a black version were false. WOW.

The SGS3 comes in 32gb int memory, I have it and love it, trying like hell to find the Note 2 with larger int memory, 16gb is the US version while in Korea you can buy the Note 2 with 64gb of int memory, it also comes with an extra battery and charger all in the stock box. That is the way they sell phones in Korea, most companies all give the Korean consumer a spare battery with the device, Samsung just goes the extra mile and gives a battery and spare charger. I even tried to buy the Note 2 from Korea so I could get the 64gb of int memory, the device will not work on any US Carrier. Hoping the Note 2 will come to the US with larger int memory, I don't understand why the US carriers won't get these models, I know the larger int memory versions of the SGS3 on T-Mobile and Verizon are selling very fast, there is a market for these larger memory devices, Please give the US customers the choice.

hey Vinny JUNIOR! Not to be rude, but sometimes one should pay attention on the thread that they are replying to. This thread is about the COLOR! not the amount of MEMORY! Please take a closer look next time. Appreciate it!

I'm with Vinny on this one and like Vinny, I too am paying attention. Who cares about NEW colors when the device is crippled with low internal storage. I'd buy one of these in a heartbeat is I could get it on Big Red with minimum of 32gb.

I dont mind the brown necessarily, but I thought the brown Zune was widely regarded as a poor color choice?

I just hope new colors cause the prices to drop so I can get the grey one

I don't mind the brown but by the time its released the gs4 will have been announced or maybe even the successor to the note 2. I just wish they had all the colors when the phone is released. I think this is their way of selling phones that are already getting old.