T-Mobile Nexus 5

With Nexus 5s already in the hands of Google Play Store buyers, we're starting to see the first indications of when it'll arrive at subsidized prices on U.S. carriers. Sprint's is due to arrive from Nov. 8, and if the latest leaked documents are to be believed then T-Mobile shouldn't be far behind.

The leaked retail planning guide obtained by TmoNews shows the T-Mobile Nexus 5 arriving alongside the Nexus 7 on Nov. 20, ahead of T-Mo's Black Friday promotions. It's unclear how much T-Mobile might charge for the N5, but given the device's low cost and the carrier's recent tendency to offer $0 down deals for major devices, we wouldn't be surprised to see some competitive pricing.

In the meantime, there's of course nothing stopping you picking one up from the Play Store and loading it up with any T-Mobile SIM.

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Leaked document points to Nov. 20 launch for T-Mobile Nexus 5


More zero down great deals. What more needs to be said. Tmobile rules period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

I agree with you. Tmobile is great. But the zero down deals really aren't sales they are just less upfront.

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Something reasonable would be same price with $99 downpayment or $0 down with a $50 up charge. Any higher and its not worth it. Might as well get it on swappa.

Heh, it says Nexus 5s, as in plural, and I read it as The Nexus 5s as though there was some variant. Or maybe it's just 5 Nexus S(s)?

I'm still waiting for Amazon to list this. Only thing I wonder is how much it will be marked up…

Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Android 4.2.2)

I don't understand why that's a big deal? Does Tmo voice plans suck that much?

I am seriously asking.

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Well when you're in buildings sometimes their signal can be weaker, so wifi calling comes in handy. Also when wifi calling is on it completely turns the cell radio which saves a lot of power.

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I live in an area where tmobile is one of the best. But on vacation I stay in an area that not even verizon gets good signal. Due to my wife's phone having wifi calling I can piggy back of the resort wifi and make perfectly clear calls and use my phone number. Plus some people live in houses with metal roof and no service is good inside so wifi calling is awesome for that too. that is the reason wifi calling is great.

Exactly. At home, I've been getting a better signal with T-Mobile than I did with Verizon. I actually needed a network extender just to make reliable calls on Verizon. But where we vacation frequently, T-Mobile doesn't have coverage for a few miles around. With WiFi calling, we'd still be able to make calls. It's not a huge issue, since we can use Skype or Google Voice, but it would be nice to have it integrated and (more) reliable.

In weak area, indoor coverage sucks due to frequency that Tmo uses. Plus WIFI-Calling is good when you travel, you can make calls back to USA for free. I would be all over Nexus if it had WIFI-Calling, the good thing is that S4 is still a great phone so far

Do we know for certain that the T-Mobile version will not have WiFi calling? That's all that's holding me back from buying this phone.

Based on the Nexus 4 not having wifi calling it's a pretty safe bet. If it did updates would probably get caught in the same carrier verification cycle that plagues the T-Mobile S4.

Thanks all, I was thinking old school as in saving minutes not really in terms of coverage overall

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It's especially good for people on the $30 prepaid plan. I'm surprised more people aren't on that plan though. Using a third party app to make wifi calls with Google Voice is great, but having a native TMo app to use your TMo number would be awesome.

If I don't get it through the play store then this will definitely be the option. I'm moving to T-Mobile anyway. I just hope they don't raise the price too much.

Curious to see how much it will be off contract. I'm willing to pay a little more to not have to wait 3-4 weeks from the Play Store. But not a lot more...lol.

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right now the 32gb version is only 2-3 weeks, not 3-4 weeks. and some are saying that they are shipping pretty quickly.

I ordered one earlier this week, and it was listed as 2-3 weeks. Glad to hear they might send it quicker. Rocking my Gnex in the meantime.

I ordered mine on release day, it said 2-3 weeks.
But mine is currently on the UPS truck being delivered today.

For me it shipped much faster than promised.

Why people still buy subsidized phones? They can pay crazy monthly prices for 2 years but can't pay for a phone upfront? OK.
Paying $149 on contract for $350 device is a rip off from useless Sprint. Buy it from play store and save your upgrades for some other device.
I hope this useless subsidy model ends soon.

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If you really can't figure out how people find it easier to finance something that costs over $600, then you probably don't get much of what goes on in our economy. However, I do agree that the low price of the Nexus 5 makes subsidies somewhat pointless, but not everyone is on t-mobile and not everyone wants to be on t-mobile. If you're not on t-mobile, buying a $350 phone off contract is a stupid move b/c your monthly phone bill won't be any cheaper, so you may as well take advantage of the offered subsidy.

I am with att 80.00 a month for everything unlimited plus a subsided phone. Better than paying full price I think.

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You can pay $30 per month with tmobile prepaid plan from walmart for decent mins and data. You're paying AT&T $50 per month extra. That's around $1200 extra for AT&T in a standard two year contract. Is that subsidized phone and unlimited minutes worth paying that much extra, bud? You decide for yourself.

~Lone androider in a tribe of sourapples~

Yes since tmobile sucks around here. I bought a phone to use it not to be hoping I can catch a 2g singal

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Tmobile has great coverage in my area. But I know each area is different.

~Lone androider in a tribe of sourapples~

Then I sell it on craigslist for more than I paid. So I basically get a phone for free every 20 months. But you can pay full price.

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I don't understand why TMO customers who plan to buy unsubsidized are excited about this. I've been with TMO over 10 years and bought both the Nexus 4 and 5 from the Play Store. It's cheaper, plus I've already had my 5 for two days. People are excited about waiting two weeks and paying a premium. Seriously?

If TMO charges roughly what the Pay Store does, ignore this rant. If it's lots higher, figure out the effective interest rate. The N4 would have been far cheaper from Google, even if bought on a high rate credit card.

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Cant wait until tmo's signal improves in my area. Had to return my one within the 14 days. When I had signal, and even the wifi calling, quality was crystal- just had some dead areas. Keep dropping them towers and Ill be running back to tmo!

This is good but I think it would have been better to roll out to the carriers the same day they go to the Play Store. If it is the same phone for all 3 carriers, it should happen.

Posted via T-Mo N3

Lol, only a fool would buy these from T-mobile, they overcharge you for the phone.
My N5 will be here today and I'll be popping in my MetroPCS (T-mobile) sim right away.
$10 less than t-mobile prepaid = WIN