For all of you who are still holding strong to your Motorola Droid the folks at MyDroidWorld have been kind enough to leak an update for you. This update, which is build FRG83, brings things up to Android 2.2.1 -- just like on the Nexus One. This update has already been rooted for your pleasure and you can chose between an odexed or deodexed version of the update. While sadly an exact changelog has not been released, it seems as though the users have good reports and no major issues. So, if you got a Droid, download the leaked update for yourself! [via MyDroidWorld]


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Leaked: Android 2.2.1 for the Motorola Droid (FRG83), and rooted, no less


Thanks but I will wait for the Lithium Mod crew to get ahold of it and tweak it out to Lithium Mod

Out of curiosity what does the .1 specify in froyo? Is this something most people on 2.2 will get or will they most likely skip it and goto 2.3?

For people as clueless as me, I dug up this description odexed vs deodexed:

Basically if you want themes and stuff you want Deodexed.

from a post on XDA..

Deodexed ROMs have their .apk's (which are basically the application packages) repackaged in a certain way. An "odex" can be thought of as a collection of parts of applications that have been pulled out and optimized before booting. This speeds up the boot process - in a way, it preloads part of the applications - but it also makes hacking those apps difficult because part of the original code is already extracted somewhere else.

Deodexing is just a process of putting those pieces back into the original applications. It takes a while to extract those parts and build the .dex cache (aka Dalvik cache), but only because the relevant parts aren't in an easy-to-access place for the system. The advantage of this is that an app can be modified effectively and the developer doesn't have to worry about conflicts from the separate odex part of the code.

So, short version: "Deodexed" ROMs have all their apps put back together. If an app can be themed, for example, a deodexed version of that app will not get messed up when the modified .apk tries to mesh with the odex of the original un-modified .apk. Because it's not there.

If you want an aftermarket theme, you need a deodexed ROM. I'm not sure if deodexing can be done to individual apps within a non-deodexed ROM.

What I would like to know is, is this even worth the upgrade with the news that Gingerbread might be coming out soon, and the droid 1 might still get it. Also, what does this do for the Droid 1 anyway?