Another week, another Galaxy S III rumor. This time it's a new purported render of the still unannounced device, which has been sent to PhoneArena​ by way of an anonymous tipster. We've seen a couple of purported images of the mythical phone over the past few months, and both have turned out to be mock-ups or fabrications. On account of a few major inconsistencies in this latest image, we're gonna call foul here, too. If you take a closer look at the image, you'll see awkwardly large fonts, icons from an older version of TouchWiz and copy-pasted Galaxy Nexus notification bar and software buttons. That's before you even get to the reference to an event in Paris which Samsung has already denied has anything to do with the Galaxy S III.

Hold tight, folks -- we'll have a new flagship phone from Samsung before too long, but for the moment we're almost certain this isn't it. The official line from Sammy remains that the successor to the Galaxy S II will be revealed at an event during the first half of the year.

Source: PhoneArena

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briankurtz79 says:

That looks a little more realistic though.

SlimJ87D says:

Are you kidding me? The picture of the phone looks all blurry and then when you get to the screen it's super sharp. It literally looks like someone pasted a picture on top of the picture.

TERRIBLE PHOTOSHOP! Look closely at the upper left area.

He is talking about the phone itself not the actual render.

briankurtz79 says:

That looks a little more realistic though.

Fozee says:

That looks a little more realistic though.

MarkJr125 says:

Hive mind? Sock Puppets? What's up with those guys??? ^^

It is definitely a fake. That graphic in the middle is a Photoshop brush, and an over-used one at that.

gregmcph says:

Eh. A black rectangle with Android in the middle. Okay. Not a shocking prediction.
It's what's inside that will be the important stuff anyway.

icedhot says:

ahhh....verizon....verizon....where ah thou verizon

briankurtz79 says:

I realize it is obviously a fake. Just saying it looks a little closer to what might actually come out as apposed to the previous renders

mr nruz says:

this is just terrible

sddfdds says:

It'd be nice if that notification bar was real and they were going to keep a lot more of stock ics and really pare down touchwiz

denchiosa says:

the S3 will not have phisical buttons because ICS is designed for no phisical buttons.

Gearu says:

I'm sure the SIII will look a lot different to the SII, this is too close.

this was proven fake over at phandroid a guy commented that it looked a lot like his infuse then he posted a picture of it from amazon its the exact same photo with a poor job of hiding that so ur looking at a poor photoshop picture of the infuse

JtothaR says:

I thought at first it said " way of an anonymous hipster." LOL