Kyocera Rise

As we predicted during CTIA when Kyocera first announced the Rise, it looks like it will be headed to Sprint at some point in the future. A leaked press render showing the SprintZone app and Sprint ID button pretty much nail this one for the Now Network, and the source says to expect it on Virgin Mobile as well. If you have a look at our hands-on with the Rise, you'll see that it's a solid phone for the budget conscious. With a 1GHz Snapdragon and 512MB of RAM under the glass, the Rise fares well against other entry-level phones like the HTC One V, and if the "Tissue Conduction" audio technology ends up working as advertised, the Rise could be one of the best phones on the market for folks who need a phone. 

While it's not packing quite the punch that the EVO 4G LTE or Galaxy S III is, it's nice to see options of all shapes and sizes. We'll be on the lookout for any official word from Kyocera or Sprint.

Source: @evleaks

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What... No double screen...? Or a screen on the back...? Lools like a moyo or a htc just... Cheaper... But ok...

Jayshmay says:

Is the day ever going to exist everrr again when Verizon has a REAL/PHYSICAL qwerty keyboard smartphone???????

JayND says:

uhh Droid4? Stratosphere? That LG thingy? Those are all still on sale if I'm not mistaken. There have been plenty of chances.

Shadowriver says:

Oh there overflow button.... it's practicly menu button :> wonder if it's gonna co operate with action bar overflow

Yawn... broil it

dante501 says:

They still making phone's? I thought after that bad ugly Echo for Sprint they finally gave up. LG makes way better phones and no one wants them either. What is bad because the LG 4x HD is actually a damn good phone. Use them all the S3 the One X and the 4X HD of course all the International versions.

patrixl says:

Yep, unfortunately they reserve their "best" phones for Japan it seems. Last year I had a Kyocera Digno (ISW11K), and for a single-core 1.4GHz phone, it was very decent - save for the mediocre camera of course. the organic EL display was amazing outdoors, surpassed only by my One X. And it had WiMax. And tethering. And Gingerbread! Was definitely superior to the LG phones available at the time.

jasonjazz says:

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