Kyocera Echo

Update: We've gotten numerous reports in the comments on this post, in our forums and at Sprint's forums saying this update's bricking phones. Sprint acknowledged earlier in the day that there might be issues, but we've yet to receive a follow-up. For now, we'd hold off on installing this update.

Sprint and Kyocera this morning confirmed that the dual-screen Echo -- read our full review -- is getting its Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. On top of the OS bump, it's getting an update to Swype 3.0, as well as a new "Eco mode" to help out on battery life -- something the Echo desperately needs. (Remember that it actually comes with two batteries and a spare charger.)

Something the update doesn't bring, contrary to earlier reports, is some hidden NFC capability. No great surprise there -- if the Echo had an NFC chip in it, we would have heard about it by now.

But don't let that cast a dark cloud over this update. If you've got an Echo, look for the over-the-air-update to start pushing right ... about ... Now!

Source: Sprint


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Kyocera Echo gets Gingerbread upgrade, doesn't have NFC, can't make waffles; Update: And may brick your phone


But I want my phone to make waffles! Without that ability, it is a HUGE failure.

That being said it is nice seeing this phone getting Gingerbread.

Who even has a echo? But im glad to see that gb got to it but what about the gingerbread update for my epic and its been out way longer.

As far a office printers are concerned, I wouldn't buy anything but a Kyocera!

As far as cell phones, they are still learning. But I would be open to trying one.

I'm surprised that people are actually buying these. The bezel alone makes my fingers tired. It is bigger than some screens!

LOL I remember when it was cool to declare this phone a "Fail" - that it would be cheap, wouldn't work, get horrible reviews, and most hilariously, that it would NEVER EVER get an update. Wrong on every account. Just goes to show that most people here just parrot what the post above them said. HAHA to the haters.

So there actually are people who purchased this phone and continue to use it??? Well I'll be damned. I personally havent sold one. Saw three come back a day after launch with issues...

They tried something different and it failed, don't rag on them guys. Or would you rather oems like HTC keep releasing the same freaking phone every couple months? I welcome risks like this.

So just wondering, will android central be updating use if this issue is resolved...? Thanks! <3
And fyi the echo is amazing and I am sooooo glad I got this phone.

I bought my Echo on 7/27 with a new 2 yr., I received the 2.3.4 gingerbread update on 8/1... I downloaded it over wifi and made sure my phone was completely charged before doing so, Installed in under 15 mins. Installed just fine, Runs perfect no problems at all.

I just got my.echo today switch from epic ... I love it ... Had palm pre evo
and then epic I like this the most to bad no deb support but still awsome.without.... Btw those.other phones R in my house.collecting dust.