And that's all four here in the US

While getting out your update on a quiet Sunday morning isn't quite as dramatic as a late night push while everyone in the industry is on a plane to Barcelona, it's still a welcome site. And that's exactly what's happening today for folks on AT&T with the HTC One, which has a shiny new KitKat update ready and waiting.

It's a sizeable download at 620MB, and you'll need to make sure your battery is charged past 50 percent or so to apply it. And there's that pecky little deal where AT&T only allows you to check once per day to contend with, so if you don't see it today don't get too alarmed.

I know plenty of folks have already downloaded and installed, and I'm sure some will share their experiences in these very comments.

Thanks, everyone who sent this in!

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Dang beat me to it lol enjoy the screencaps I sent anyway :-). Good day to be a One owner.

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DaHui623 says:

Hooray! Now time to hide that new Beats Music icon.

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Mine could not find update. Tried setting date ahead so I could try again and it still did not work. Any suggestions? (Seattle)

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rosskw says:

Try restarting your phone. Mine couldn't find an update the first time, restarted and checked again, and its downloading now. Didn't say anything about not being able to check again. Did the same thing with the last update too.

Thank you!!

rosskw says:

Mine was on.. in Denver btw

Restarting was what it needed.

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Does anyone here know if I could the OTA if I'm my phone is unlocked and connected with T-Mobile? Or will I have to wait for T-Mobile to update their version of G2. My phone is an AT&T model.

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AT&T requires an AT&T SIM card to be inserted unfortunately. You also need to be connected to WiFi

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HTC's website is not updated to saying AT&T is OTA


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According to HTC's VP Twitter account (@moversi) the site won't be updated until Monday.

bigtnew says:

Got it, like it...

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Is there a change list anywhere?

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oldschoolsig says:

And now att LG g2 also.....

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Software only update on WiFi ?

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rjmarsh65 says:

Just checked and the OTA is live and downloading via WiFi.

If you already checked for an update and it's making you wait, here's a simple work around. Go to setting - Date and Time. Uncheck automatic date and time and manually move the date ahead a day. It will let you check for an update, and after its downloaded, you can set your date and time back to automatic.

askingandre says:

do you need to have a sim in the phone to receive the update?

DS1331 says:


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Regulator says:

Ahhh. Just downloaded kitkat and instantly disabled blinkfeed making it disappear. That felt good.

jlh73 says:

I'm using my sim in my note 3 and my htc is on wifi only. Still says I have no update.

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DS1331 says:

You need a sim card in it

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krsgdlw says:

Downloading now. Can't wait to disable blink feed.

kygator13 says:

Got my update, no issues, took about 30 minutes to fully download and install.

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seesomak says:

I downloaded the update, but it was only to 4.3. Anyone actually confirm 4.4 in the settings?

Yes its 4.4 with Sense 5. You must have missed the 4.3 update when it pushed. Check for update again. If it tells you to wait 24 hrs just change the date and time of the device and try again.

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braygor says:

Just updated, and still won't be using Sense. Why must HTC use that ugly black background for the launcher bar on the bottom of the screen? I'll stick with 3rd party launchers that have a transparent bar, i.e. Nova or Everything Me.

braygor says:

I love that the lockscreen PIN keyboard overrides what SwiftKey gave me. No more accidental calls to 911!

I am still showing 4.3 after I downloaded the software update. How do I know if it took?

macguy59 says:

4.3 update is needed before you can update to 4.4. Reboot your phone and try looking for an update again

Does HTC One on ATT not get the pretty new phone app??

drokssilva says:

That's a N5 specific feature.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

that sucks. The phone app is fugly

Samsung's slackin!

JackisBack says:

Just got the Kitkat w/Sense 5.5 update...thanks At&t for getting this out before the end of the month! Waiting on Sense 6.0 now!

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craigrn16 says:

I doubt we get Sense 6.0. Then you'll have no reason to buy the new HTC One thats coming out

Skyway says:

HTC has promised two years of updates on all new devices including the HTC one

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macguy59 says:

Meaning if the Sense 6.0 update hasn't been cleared by carriers within that 24 mos . . . then you don't get it (through OTA anyway)

tmx31415 says:

Downloading in Detroit.

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amrovi2014 says:

Down loading now San Diego

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Skyway says:

Got mine in Omaha about half hour ago

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paul-c says:

Got the KitKat update here in Chicago just now. Smooth sailing so far.

Force wallpaper scrolling on nova is gone....

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The update broke my car mode. My HTC one no longer recognizes my dock.

macguy59 says:

This is why people should let others be test dummies for a couple of days :)

Tadd Ota says:

My HTC never had HTC car

ahutchga1972 says:

Just got mine in Savannah GA. I haven't been near WiFi in a few days.

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Tadd Ota says:

I'm trying to get the update for my phone...tried to restart it and that doesn't work...any advice?

mauidiver40 says:

I also cannot seem to get the update to download, It will pop up saying "checking for update" and then disappear. I have tried setting the date ahead a day or two, have tried restarting multiple times, even tried doing a factory reset from inside the settings. Nothing has worked. Also tried the update from within "about phone" and it says there is no update available as well. Any help would be much appreciated.

mauidiver40 says:

Tadd, just wanted to pass along, just went to att store and had them give me a new Sim card, update started downloading within minutes. Hope this helps

Downloaded it yesterday from Salt Lake City, Utah

Edxheku says:

I purchased my HTC one unlocked , it's an at&t branded, two weeks ago and I am currently using it overseas , tried to update it but it shows nothing , only says checking for software update but won't get any update , it came with 4.1.2 adroid and haven't been able to get any other update, Can anyone help how to update this device ... thanks in advance.

uadan says:

Follow up - I am now downloading the update.

carbonfiber1 says:

Just got it tonight. I'm on AT&T

Changes Link Here:

I purchased an unlocked AT&T HTC one single sim from dubai. It had jellybean and Sense 5.0 on it. Now I am using it in India with a local sim carrier. I am getting no further updates. Please help.

nileshdd says:

Any luck with this? I have the same issue.


I also have the same issue. Did you resolved the issue...?? any update..??