KitKat Galaxy S4 AT&T

OTA rolling out over the coming days, or you can manually check

AT&T's Galaxy S4 has a KitKat update ready and waiting, and AT&T says it should be available starting February 26 — which is today!

The update will push to you automagically over the next few days if you like, or if you're the type who just isn't about to wait for an update, you can check for it manually via your device settings. Make sure you're on Wifi and have at least 50 percent charge on your battery. AT&T doesn't mention availability via Kies, but it might be worth trying as well.

The update brings the Galaxy S4 to Android version 4.4.2, and has a few other notable changes:

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear compatibility
  • Drag and drop to uninstall or disable applications
  • Call reliability improvements

Often times these updates start right away on their projected date, so now is the time to check. If you get it, be sure to holler out with your experience.

Source: AT&T. Thanks, everyone who sent this in!


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KitKat for AT&T's Galaxy S4 available today


Did you mean to say automatically or did you say automagically on purpose?

But that's good for ATT Gs4 users.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

I know I already could with 4.3 and I have AT&T....I didn't know other users couldnt. And I'm not rooted either and never have been.

A post about AT&T and 4.4.2 for the S4 and somebody bitches about their carrier? How is this relevant?

I just checked my updates on my Note 3 and there was one available. Not sure it was KitKat since it was only 38.47MB.

Posted via Android Central App has had kk for a little while.. I remember when ppl used to bitch that HTC was slow with updates and Samsung was king. Most ppl also forget until recently Samsung didn't offer ota updates and HTC was top.. Yes I love HTC but I'm also very excited that all OEMS have been updating android much faster and that makes all of our lives better not to mention the android ecosystem. Here's to hoping that KitKat numbers grow much much faster than jb did

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Your forgetting samsung has to update multiple phones that had success selling. Not just a htc one max and mini. They're updating phones from almost two years ago

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I don't understand. "Your forgetting"? zeth006 owns forgetting?

Your = possession.
You're = you are.
Yore = long ago.

I'm on AT&T and have the Samsung Galaxy note 3 and just recieved a small 30mb update. I don't know what it did but I'm still on Android 4.3

With its mutilation to the SD card functionality, do ppl even want this?

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Heck yeah people will want 4.4. 4.4 lets you store music or movies from Google play on your sdcard.

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Apps need to update to take advantage. KitKat has been out since last summer, it's not like they haven't had time.

Got a small update on my AT&T note 3 yesterday. Hopefully kit kat is coming soon.

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There's nothing to get excited about at all with kit kat. You probably won't even notice a change after you install.

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What???? They will get white status bar icons!!!!! :)

But like I said above, you can store Google play movies and music on your sdcard with 4.4.

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Hasn't every Samsung since the S3 and Note 2 had BLE? Samsung had their own code for it long before it was fully baked inside of the mainline Android code.

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4.3 added the Bluetooth LE/Smart functionality. 4.4 made printing support easier for app developers to implement.

Should I leave my BlackBerry Q10 and get an Android?....i don't really know what to do!!!!

Incurable Q10 syndrome

I'll tell you what you can do,fix me whatever is fried with that slice of lime on top.A brotha hungry,Holla!! :-D

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3


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I pressed on it to start the update and closed out to come type that comment..and it wont let me check for update anymore...does that mean that its downloading?

posting while eating gummybears in your girlfriends bedroom

It's a super virus, throw your phone as hard as possible against the wall... otherwise the Russians are coming.

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It's Holla!!! Jerry.You gotta put some brotha in your diet.Holla!!!

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

Probably the same small update that note 3 users have been getting since yesterday...not kit kat.

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Must have misread the title, could have swore it said KitKat for "AT&T's Galaxy S4 available today." All I'm reading about in the comments is the Note 3 and HTC One..

Can we please keep the comments on this site somewhat relevant?

That said, no update on my AT&T GS4 8:30am central.

I know this is a little preemptive as I'm not sure if anyone actually has kitkat loaded on their AT&T GS4 yet...when the update comes through I was curious about two things: 1. does full screen album art work with google play music? I love the full screen album art on the nexus 5 and moto x and curious if it's the same thing (since google play music is the app I use), also I'm curious whether tap-to-pay with google wallet will work or if AT&T will have it disabled. Those who grab the update it'd be awesome if you could let me know these things!

If im outside the US and im using a different sim card im still able to get updates? If not, plugging in my att sim and wifi will work? Or i have to wait until im back in US? Thank you :)

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I checked on my S4. It said I was current and now it won't let me check again for another 24 hours! WTF?!

Change the date ahead a few days and you're able to check again, however I would wait until reports of the update being available come in.

The update isn't today for the S4 it was confirm that the phone is getting updates but the update won't be on server to pick up till tomorrow. I called tech support and that's what they said. And about the Note 3 there has been no confirmation so Idk what half this post is full of Note 3 users.

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Check earlier this morning and nothing, but just changed the date on my phone so I could check again it was there 417.66 MB.

Just manually checked for the KK update for my GS4 on AT&T and started downloading the update, its 417.66MB large. Check for your update... In North Eastern NJ.

Got it in Seattle. Download went pretty quickly, installed first time with no issues. Seems OK so far (read: better than the POS 4.3 update a few months ago)

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Updated my wife's phone and a bunch of apps like PayPal mobile, Handcent and others are now useless and want open... Blah :P

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All updated, took about 3 hours to download and install. 2:45 to download and then 15 or so to install. Looks good, muted notification bar that I am used to on my Nexus 7, all icons are white now. Beats Audio and ISIS Wallet were added to my app list. Can launch camera from non-secured lock screen now.

Downloading a dozen or so apps again since they were deactivated due to 4.4. 8( Fortunately all settings remain, just have to grab the app anew.

i still don't see the update on my att s4.. i am in california... my phone is unlocked and was rooted earlier but i have removed it using super su.. any suggestion or idea regarding not getting update?

Galaxy gear support? Wasn't that already there when we got 4.3 (which das the right Bluetooth support?)

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Okay so i downloaded Kitkat for my S4 and everything pretty much looks the same minus the battery and time being grey. When will I get the updated touch wiz on the S5?

So looks like google wallet tap to pay works along with full screen album the question is did they break sd card functionality? Anybody able to test this?

I think there's something wrong with my update... My phone says I have kitkat but I'm missing features like the full screen album art, updated touch wiz etc. Le Sigh.

Got the update in Bay City, Michigan. Fast update took about 40 minutes in all. Update and install.

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Not impressed with Kit Kat on the S4 at all. It deleted a lot of my apps upon installation and added some bloatware. Can anyone direct me to a list of additions to this version of android on the S4 because other then the color changes on the status bar up top, I just don't see any impressive changes.

The update deleted a few of my apps as well, Android Central being one of them. Anyone else notice this?

No, it's too large for it to go through Kies. It's OTA only.

My wife's GS4 got the update late last night. I noticed saying "OK, Google" didn't kick on from the home screen. Is there a setting that needs to be changed for it to work?

Not impressed with this at all. In fact, the opposite. My phone is slow; not just on the home screen either. It's slow in menus, apps, and games. Over half my apps were uninstalled during the update (including the AC App - gasp!) so I'm redownloading them at the moment. Haven't run into any more issues as of now, but it's only been 10 minutes.

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