Samsung's customization app Good Lock is finally on the Play Store

Samsung Good Lock
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What you need to know

  • Good Lock is now available on the Google Play Store, starting with places like Southeast Asia and potentially more regions.
  • The app is currently in Early Access on the Play Store, meaning Samsung is still fine-tuning things before a wider release.
  • It's not sure yet if the Play Store version will pack all the same modules as the Galaxy Store’s, though some parts like the One Hand Operation Plus are already there.

If you love tweaking your phone, Samsung customization app Good Lock is one of the best go-to options, but you could only get them from the Galaxy Store—until today, that is.

As spotted by X user Litto Biju Pappachan (via Tarun Vats), the Good Lock app is now available to download from the Play Store.

We can confirm the app's availability via Google's app marketplace in regions like Southeast Asia. It might be rolling out to other regions too.

Good Lock listing on the Play Store

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The app is listed as an Early Access download right now, which means it's not fully rolled out everywhere just yet. Samsung might be planning to make the app available in more regions over the next few weeks.

Good Lock is essentially a customization suite for your favorite Samsung phones. It includes a bunch of modules that let you play around with things like your lock screen, notifications, and the app launcher.

Basically, it gives you the tools to personalize your phone and tweak how it works to better fit your style, using various plugins and customizable user interface elements.

It's not yet certain if the Google Play version of Good Lock will have every feature found on the Galaxy Store version. As per SamMobile, the One Hand Operation Plus module is already on the Play Store with its own page, hinting that some modules, like Home Up and LockStar, might need to be downloaded separately.

This move represents a big shift for Samsung since Good Lock has traditionally been exclusive to the Galaxy Store. That's fine for users who don't mind using Samsung's own platform, but it can be a hassle for those who prefer to get all their apps directly from the Play Store.

Listing Good Lock on the Play Store also opens it up to a wider audience who might not have known about it before. This could lead to more people discovering the customization options it offers, potentially boosting its user base.

Right now, it's unclear when Good Lock will move out of Early Access. Samsung might still be running some tests and tweaking things before they go for a full-fledged launch.

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