Homey app introduces 'Moods' to capture unique home lighting scenarios

Homey has introduced a new lighting feature called "Moods."
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What you need to know

  • The Homey app has introduced a new feature called "Moods," which lets users customize their devices with lighting for many scenarios.
  • Creating a new Mood lets users select which devices they'd like included, what colors they should display, or choose from a wide selection of pre-made combinations.
  • Moods is available today (May 2) for free and Premium tier Homey app subscribers.

Lighting is important, so Homey is introducing a new feature today (May 2) that might help users set the "Mood."

The company highlighted its new feature in a blog post, stating that Moods can help "capture, create and set the Mood in your home." Homey adds that users can find Moods in the "Home" tab under "Favorite Moods" or within the "Devices" tab of the mobile app. Similarly, users can begin controlling their light via the web.

When creating a Mood, users can select the lights they'd like to use in a room. The Homey app then allows users to customize the colors that'll be displayed when that Mood is used.

Additionally, Homey features a selection of pre-made lights within categories like "Modern" and "Chill."

Homey product owners can even kickstart a Mood through Flow. The post reiterates that your custom lights will activate when arriving home, pressing a button, or when a sensor picks you up. The company teases "more flexibility" when combining Moods with Flow.

For example, if "Movie Night" is a Mood theme, Homey states Flow will activate your lights, close the curtains, and turn the TV on.

An example of Moods in the Homey app, available now.

(Image credit: Homey)

Moods also fully supports voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Homey suggests that users re-sync their devices with the AI helpers before giving them a command. For example, users can say, "Hey Google, sync my devices," before telling it to "start Movie Time."

Homey's Moods are available today (May 2) for users on its free and Premium tiers. Users should ensure that their Homey app has been updated to version 8.2 or later to utilize Moods. The post states that Homey Pro gets in on it, too, so long as owners are willing to produce a €10 fee to unlock Moods "later this year."

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