Kevin Bacon and the Logitech Revue

And about 17 degrees of creepiness. Check out the latest Google TV commercial after the break.

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lamonicaj says:

Cute in a creepy sort of way!!!

falconeight says:

doesn't make me want to get google tv

WTF. Just WTF. lol

Nirvana328 says:

At least it's less creepy than those first google tv commercials where the tv had legs and a freakish giant eyeball stalking the teenage girl.

icebike says:

Man who worships Kevin Bacon claims to have a wife!!??

cb526 says:

Let me get this straight...

They're now rolling out a commercial about a guy that worships Kevin Bacon that clearly is Kevin Bacon?

Okey dokey.

Szientific says:

You have a subtle reference to six degrees of Kevin Bacon With Kevin Bacon Playing Kevin Bacon! We would need Mr. Data and Wesley Krusher to figure out the implications to space-time!

xarophti says:

oh, that's hilarious!! It just shows that Kevin Bacon can do anything. Including a delightfully sillly/creepy imitation of himself. That's our Philly boy!!

mechaphil says:

Best part about that commercial? Red Wings/Blues (I think) clips on the tv :)

Jonneh says:

Saw this on TV moments before it was posted here! I've never had that happen before. It's actually kind of weird, lol.

boriqua2000 says:

who the hell is kevin bacon??

fstop says:

What a truly hollow man for doing that spot. He deserves ending up as a flatliner.

I personally like the ending where he crosses his fingers!

Does this product even work? Or is it the Google TV's themselves that don't work?

oatka says:

I've never met Kevin Bacon, but my wife's best friend has a cousin who's husband works with a guy who's garbage man is cousins with a guy who knows the actor in that video!

it's a small world!

tropper says:

Kevin Bacon FTW !!!
should do another one with Cher, Barbra Streisand, or Sting Lmfao !!!!

JeffDenver says:

Thats Kevin Bacon? Yeesh...he has not aged well. He looks like what John Waters might look like if he were still alive.

fstop says:

Ahem, that is something called MAKEUP. Because, the point of the commercial is this... focus now... he is Kevin Bacon pretending to be someone who is not Kevin Bacon but wants to be Kevin Bacon. Is that a little more clear, or do we have to explain it again?

ChrisFricke says:

That is the most awesome thing I've seen all day. I love bacon just a little bit more, in fact.

LFD153#AC says:

Loved it. Funny as hell.

mao mao says:

hahaha! Hilarious!