Right off the bat -- Verizon has kept quiet about any rumored data plan changes coming on July 7.  We're all going on insider information, and filling in the blanks where we can.  We can be sure that something is coming, and very few people are going to be happy about it.  Maybe today's rumors can alleviate a little of the pain.

According to the latest, existing customers with an unlimited smartphone data plan will be able to keep their current plan if and when they change to a new phone.  That makes perfect sense, all other carriers have done the same in the past.  What we're assuming, based on leaked screenshots (and a little desperate hope) is that this applies when you use a two year upgrade as well.  The wording suggests it, but falls short of confirming it.  We just don't know, so we can't say.  Our own Verizon expert says if you can use an upgrade and keep your old plan, don't expect to make any changes (like text packages or tethering) or sign up for any promotions -- that's going to require a plan change. 

Then there's a new rumor we've heard more than once -- the bad news about tiered data pricing is actually shared family data plans.  Individual plans will be a bit cheaper, and have a low price, small data cap offering.  Again, this is nothing more than a rumor, and anyone who can verify any of this is wisely keeping quiet about it.  What we are sure about is that Verizon will do exactly as they have planned to do, will feel it is in their best interests, and announce it when they are ready.  And we really can't expect more than that.

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Keep your existing data plan on Verizon after the rumored 7/7 switch?


Not with corporate discounts! My 22% off plan/data is much cheaper. Sprint is the only company without one for my employer. My previous one had a discount with them, though. I'm enjoying being able to text in my apartment now! "Can you hear me now?," "Yes, now I can"

I will not say what area I work in, But Verizon Executives were not happy to hear from there employees complaining about how this is ripping people off. They said "Those people have money and can pay extra. They allready pay premiums for our services so theyll pay the extra amount". No one was happy to hear this at corp. This is straight greed. With Att and T mobile merging this is a "Clear view of how monopliess will raise fees. Verizon knows that with ATT and Tmobile merging they will have less competetion and so they can charge more for service. They keep saying that costs will go down to benefit customers. I will not divulage the pricings as they have allready been shown to 3rd party retailers. And I can tell you they are not happy. This is absolute highway robbery. Verizon has a great network, but att is catching up. Verizon tried to get people with messaging capabilities last year to add data to there phones for what Mobile Web? And everyone yelled and screamd and sales of Feature phones down.

Pricing at Verizon is expensive and it will get more expensive. If you really buy a phone for only calling and texting and you use less they they so called less then 500mb then dont sign up with Verizon your getting ripped,

If they dont "grandfather" us in i see no reason not to root/hack and yes STEAL from them. I am sure that XDA developers have some hack to get unlimited for free.

Just because tethering data can't be distinguished from phone data in 3rd party apps, doesn't mean that they won't be able to tell how much data your device pulls from their network. Its not a phone side measuring and I don't believe this will be possible. Your phone must have an MEID to access CDMA networks. Without it, your service will get blocked by the company. As long as it has an ID, you have an ID and a track for how much data you pull.

This only reaffirms for me that I will not be renewing with them at the end of my contract. I'm already paying a ridiculously high amount for my contract. Even with my corporate discount, I pay more than I would through any other service. I may end up going MetroPCS and getting LTE for way less than what I'm paying now. Greedy bastards.

You do know that MetroPCS' LTE bandwidth is so small, its data speeds are no better than CDMA 3G speeds? Maybe 1.5Mbps download speed. Do a google search on it. Not all LTE is created equal.

Family plans do NOT have shared data. They share minouts. I pay 30$ for each and every one of the five droids on my plan for data. That just makes some of this sound innaccurate right there.

That's true as it is right now, but that's all changing!

I think under the new plan, there will be shared data for families.

Exactly. They are not going to go lower on the price. They will only change the plan to charge you more! Each person pays 30bucks for unlmited data now. Its more likely they do a bundle unlimited family plan but in the end it'll cost the same if not more than 5 people with unlimited data now. Kinda like what sprint does but even more expensive.

Don't they jump straight from a 2GB to a 5GB plan? Most people, once they get used to a smartphone run around 2.5 -3.0GB a month...What a way to fuck the customer.

Is this a made up statistic or a survey of your techy friends? I would think most people don't go over 2GB or they'd be leaving AT&T in droves due to overage charges, and they aren't, AT&T isn't experiencing any more customer turnover than the rest (certainly not more than Sprint or T-mobile).

Don't get me wrong, I hate these caps, and that's why I'm happy I switched from AT&T to Sprint last year (for the EVO, when AT&T had no high end Android phones), even tho AT&T has better coverage in Puerto Rico...

That being said, at least Verizon is giving people who use a lot of data a CHOICE! They can pay more for a higher cap (and lower cost per GB). AT&T didn't give people any choice, it's 2GB or bust, overage charges after that. Verizon's 2GB is $5 more expensive but what do you expect, it's still Verizon. ;)

The biggest issue is that they still insist on charging such a high fee for tethering imo, it's the same data one way or the other, they shouldn't charge extra for it at all (specially on the higher tier data plans).

Oh and eventually two things will happen... A) they're gonna figure out how to screw old customers so that they can slowly migrate everyone to the new plans (AT&T's already doing it) B) 4G, video chat, and newer streaming and cloud storage services are gonna make the bandwith caps that seem borderline today downright ridiculous in 2-5 years. If customers don't raise hell today, we're all gonna pay for it later. Frankly I think throttling seemed like a far better idea. /shrug

It's not a made up number, but I'm not allowed to give you the link. AT&T would have people leaving in droves if they had LTE. Average usage on Verizon after the 3rd month of the T-Bolt was 2.27GB. The high was 67GB and the low was 112MB. I sincerely doubt that anyone here came close to the average because we ALL use our phones a lot more. They used the Bolt to come up with their tiered data plan. Notice the average of 2.27GB...So if you want to make a lot of money, you sell a 5GB for a high amount of money, and also offer a 2GB at the same cost as before. That makes the heavier users pay a premium, and keeps the average user checking his bill or risking an overage. Most will just move on up to the 5GB when they see they are running 3GB.

I actually would like a family share data plan. My wife uses hardly any data and I'd like to get my daughter a smartphone but I don't want to have to pay $30 more a month for her. I might be one of the few who'd pay less under new plans. Who knows though, this is all rumors.

Can I keep my 3G DX and upgrade to a 4G Bionic after 7/7 and keep unlimited, or does switching from 3G to 4G count as a change of a plan?

Verizon in there technical wording in the contracts just defines data as "DATA" not 3G or 4G. So going by that and my VZW rep. Your all set

So far that is what I am hoping for. I really want to hold out for the Bionic. Thank you, guess we will see when it gets closer.

I loved the Thunderbolt, but Mine was restarting and completely shutting off at random. Since I used it as an alarm clock, that didn't fly well for me. I returned the device and bought an iPhone. My hopes were to wait for the update, go back to the Thunderbolt and add my parents to my plan, giving my mom the iPhone I currently have. I don't think she would handle an android device very well (using my gf's family as a reference since we all got Epics at the end of last year). However, using this iPhone, I've realized how much of a piece of crap it is. Nothing is simple. I tried to e-mail a photo in a reply email to a fellow employee... NOT POSSIBLE. Took me forever to figure out how to e-mail multiple photos. I wish there were better e-mail applications for the iPhone. Since these plans take into effect before my parents can join my plan, it looks like I won't be able to bring them along. I never know how much data I'm going to use, so unlimited fits my budget better than tiered plans.

They obviously don't really want to sell smartphones anymore. Why continue to flood the market with second, third and tenth versions of their phones every three months while increasing the price of the very thing that makes these devices work-data.
It's time for them to go back to selling flip and candybar style phones with monochrome screens.

I am so glad that I have my service with Sprint. I have unlimited data and I pay less than $100.00 per month. The simply everything plan is great. Sprint has really made a huge comeback and they have great phones and great service and affordable. Verizon is also very good but limiting data is ridiculous. Most people now a day buy smart phones and what is the point of limiting the usage and then charging more. I for one use my data on my phone more than at home since I am always on the go. I can see people start having outrages bills. I know lots of people who dropped ATT and went to other carriers because of the tiered data packs. It may save some people money but not everyone.