Offline voice typing

Google is in the middle of announcing Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) at Google I/O. One of the cool features of Jelly Bean is offline voice typing, which will be very welcomed. Up until now, you've had to have access to the Internet to perform voice dictation, but Google has fixed that. It's initially releasing with U.S. English, but other languages to follow.

If you're interested in the keynote, follow our live blog!


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Jelly Bean brings offline voice typing


You guys do know that apple brought this to iOS way back when La Ni√Ďa, La Pinta and La Santa Maria were on their around the Americas, right?

Thanks for the heads up. maybe we could remind you what android has had for sometime now that the iPhone is just getting....and news flash It's a little better than offline dictation....I'm just saying....

Amazes me that the 4 posts above don't obviously see that my entry was sarcasm to how apple always claims they are the "first" to bring something to table. Did any of you take one class in history?

It can be hard to tell sarcasm from stupid when sarcasm is trying to imitate stupid... on the internet, where stupid predominates.

Don't worry, I'm sure you (the OP) are funnier in real life.

You are calling me stupid? Someone who thinks that those three vessels were around at the same time as apple. boy talk about needing a darwin award and fast. You are not only a member also the president, right?

Thanks Orion...I don't get some folks seriously thought I was serious, I mean it's evident it's sarcasm.

Seriously? You needed notification that it was sarcasm? Sad day when you assume that this type of technology was available when the those three vessels were trotting around the oceans.

Anyone who thought that he was being serious failed the fanboy test; you are straying a little to far into Android zealotry if you didn't notice during the first pass that the comment about comparing the iPhone to Christopher Columbus' ships was a joke and not an apple zealot going for a cheap shot. Sadly, we have too many of both types around here.

Thank goodness Apple wasn't around during Columbus days, otherwise they would've tried to ban the 3 ships coming in like they ban Samsung Tablets!

How are they doing to do voice recognition off-line? This kinda stuff usually requires huge CPU power and data stores to do well....

Same thought I had. Pretty cool though. Nice knowing that our messages etc won't be going to to some place in N Carolina and stored for who only knows how long.