James Bond

James Bond has run the gamut of sweet tech over the years, from kitchy, no-name Q-special, to Nokia -- and back to Sony. Sony Mobile president and CEO Hazuo Hirai today at IFA in Berlin announced that 007 will sport the Sony Xperia T in the upcoming "Skyfall" movie.

Seen the Skyfall trailer yet? Check it out after the break.

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Touchpaddle says:


but in real life, Daniel Craig uses iPhone 4S(white one with Otterbox case)


It is creepy that you know this...

HeCareth says:

Makes sense....Bond always had some Sony Ericsson phone in the past...and Bond and iPhone just doesn't mix. All that hi tech gear, and then a relatively low tech iPhone.

Bolt473 says:

^^^this is what happens when an electronics company owns a motion picture studio. I really don't care what kind of phone a movie character uses. Even if it's a plot point. For example, in The Dark Knight, Lucius Fox uses a Nokia. Who cared? Not me, but it was still an epic movie. I don't have a huge problem with product placement, as long as the art is unaffected. IMNSHO, making it a slide in a keynote seems like product placement for product placement's sake.

... but you know that he used a Nokia... therefore their job is done.

Bolt473 says:

Yes, but despite being one of my favourite movies (behind Inception ), It did not in any way influence my decisions regarding phones. I would hope nobody in the world is so much a sheep that they would buy a phone simply because it was in that summer's biggest blockbuster hit & dramatic presentation. Even if it's a modern Greek tragedy.

hmmm says:

Once they put him in a Ford I stopped caring.

barkomatic says:

Big Deal. Sony paid a fee to have the James Bond character use their phone--just like every other manufacturer that wants their products associated with that image.

nyc_rock says:

Wow, I am definitely buying this. I mean, who cares about another Sony flagship phone being released with an OS version that is behind. Who cares that they still haven't updated last year's models to ICS. If James Bond is using it, then so am I!! Sony FTW!!

Jowlah says:

Lol! Your sarcasm tastes delicious!

Gearu says:

Desperate move by Sony. Watch him drive the car remotely using a Vita lawl.