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Bear with us, folks -- we're still coming to terms with this. Apple and iTunes have snubbed Android Central in its "Best of 2012" podcast listings. Instead, Apple, in its infinitely looped wisdom, has gone with some guy named Leo Laporte, a couple of people who apparently like to beat geeks, and a blue letter "e" for best technology podcasts of 2012. Hell, there's not even an Android category! Steve Jobs never would have let this happen.

But fear not. We will soldier on. The Greatest Android Podcast in the World will return yet again this evening for Episode No. 119, live at 9 p.m. EST, 2 a.m. (Thursday) GMT, and all points in between, where we once again will bring you the best of Android world, plus your e-mails and voicemails -- and we've got some stuff to give away this week, as well.

So join use tonight for the Android Central Podcast and help right this injustice. We'll be at

(Pssssst. Them's jokes, people. We love Leo and John and Cali and Tim. 'Grats to them all!)


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iTunes snubs Android Central - all of Android, actually - in annual awards


To be fair, Leo LaPorte is not just some guy. If you claim to be techy, and haven't heard of him, you must be pretty new to the game. I mean, excluding Android because it's the competition is pure Scheiße, but Leo LaPorte is a pretty big deal, even if he isn't on actual TV anymore.

You all must be very young who are commenting or never had cable TV. The first time I saw him was on ZDTV or what was later called TechTV. He was pretty big on the show. I sorta recognized the name but when I saw his face I remembered him. You should read his bio, he's no lightweight. I loved TechTV.

I miss TechTV and the show The Screen Savers when Leo was on and others along with Call For Help. G4 ruined TechTV when they merged with them. Going by Wikipedia it happened in 2004 so it wasn't that long ago. The Screen Savers was on from 1998-2005. Anyone in the tech industry should know who these guys are.

You guys know who Chris Pirillo is I would hope??

To be fair I didn't even know there was an awards at the apple appstore, the media doesn't cover it, people who use android don't know/ care about it. Considering 60% of devices are android through out the world, who cares? Why even give it a posting like Apple's crap even has any worth. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of writing about it.

Just let me know if there is a Play awards for best apps in categories designed for them, and so on. Till that time EFF apple, unless its another lawsuit or they've announced they are being investigated by the government or are closing down, I don't care

What a joke. That Geek Beat Podcast is 70% commercial, 20% content, and 10% bloopers shown at the end.

And Leo LaPorte is a has been at this point. He was relevant a long time ago, and is now just annoying.

As for Engadget: just another biased, pro Apple blog.

I think the Leo LaPorte thing was a joke buddy. As for Engadget the websites pretty nice but the podcast are unbearable. The Android Central podcast is loaded with great information and doesn’t try to get too “hipster” like The Verge.

As someone who listens to 15 podcasts per week (plus Sirius XM) you guys without a doubt create great podcasts. You were featured by PocketCasts a few weeks back and are the people's choice winner. #honest #fair #balanced

But seriously...Leo Laporte spouts mostly hot air and his whole network of podcasts is one big circle jerk of pontificating self important asses.

And I agree about Engadget. It's a pretty good site and the podcasts are packed with good info but they're too damn long.

I've never heard of Geek Beat but then again I see it's from Revision 3 and I stay away from that network altogether.

I am surprised The Verge isn't on there. I don't like their podcast personally since they are mega-biased and are so annoying due to them constantly talking over one another and going off on tangents like ADD kindergarteners but I figured the tech nerd popularity would have put it in contention.

AC should have been nominated but I think it was DQ'ed due to Phil's "uuuuuhhhhhhhmmmmmm" in between stories.

Maybe if you had a regular podcast instead of when you feel like having one, you'd be in the running. Just saying. :)