Lloyd Gear

Get your first taste of the all new Lloyd Gear from Android Central!

Awww, yeaahhh — Lloyd Gear is here. Our first round of new gear includes a supernaturally good t-shirt, a sweet baseball cap and a secret society pin. If you love Lloyd. If you love Android. If you love to be awesome. Then you can get these. Also some really great bonus offers in here — read on after the break.

Lloyd Overlord T-shirt

Lloyd Gear

Bow down to Lloyd! Our first high quality T-shirt with the popular Overlord print is finally available for you to own.  This is Lloyd how we initially envisioned him — towering over the mass of lesser droids engulfed in flames. Nice.

If you wear this t-shirt the following things are GUARANTEED* to happen; birds will sing your name, mothers will name their first-born after you, it will never EVER rain on you ever again.  This has been tested. 

The new Lloyd T-shirts are eco-printed in San Francisco on the finest charcoal colored 100% combed cotton jersey that we could find.  We love these t-shirts and they have survived stringent wear and wash tests. We wear them to work. We wear them to parties. 

We basically wanted nothing less than the highest quality t-shirts for our community so that you could proudly walk around with Lloyd on your chest and enjoy all the benefits listed above.

Lloyd Cap

Lloyd Gear

Do you keep sensitive secrets in your head? Worried about mind-reading aliens/governments? Or perhaps you just need to shade your head from the burning sun. Either way, Lloyd is here to save the day again*. Wear Lloyd where he matters most — on your head.

Made from 100% washed cotton. Made in Vietnam, embroidered in San Francisco.

Secret Society Pin

Lloyd Gear

Do you want a more subtle way to display your undying devotion to Lloyd? This smart little pin can be placed on any material you dare stick a pin-size hole in.

Guaranteed* to get you into any nightclub, members club, golf tournament, VIP Lounge and Private Beach. Also, everlasting happiness and fortune will be yours.

Plus, there's more! Free shipping and free pins!

BONUS OFFER 1: For a limited time, whenever you add either a Lloyd T-shirt or Lloyd cap to your basket we'll offer you FREE shipping on your entire order.  This means that you'll be able to combine both superb Lloyd Gear and great Android accessories at zero shipping cost.

BONUS OFFER 2: For the first 250 t-shirt and cap buyers we'll also give out one of our Lloyd pins for free!

* Not really


Reader comments

Lloyd Gear T-Shirts, Caps & Pins are here!


Is there a code or notice or does the pin just secretly ship with a tshirt? Because I'm getting both...

I am loving the name of the pin. Secret Society Pin. That cracks me up. All we need is a secret handshake and we're there!

I was bummed out because my work would not let me wear my Lloyd shirt at work, so as soon as I got home I striped off the jacket and tie and strapped on Lloyd.

Needless to say the rest of the evening/weekend was a completely different story. First the club bouncer came to the back of the line to get me! The bouncer told me, as he escorted me to the door, "Don't embarrass me by associating with the riff-raf again, get inside where the beautiful people can see you!"

After that it was a bit of a Phil-Blur. I'm pretty sure I got rooted after this beautiful young lady unlocked my bootloader. The ROM was flowing and I distinctly remember a chant of "Flush the cache, Flush the cache!" It all worked out OTA, however the next time I looked at the Clockwork it was Monday morning.

God I love my Lloyd shirt!

Im always late with posts so anyhow who gives a f. I have to say this was an amazingly funny post and I enjoyed it greatly! I want to thank you sir for bringing a smile to my face today, currently I don't have a lot to smile about...Cheers!!

Come on...only to XL? I know Phil can't get into an XL :( - come on Phil, fight for larger sizes! I know, I could just lose weight, but think of the LARGE advertisement I would be with a 4XL shirt, ha!

I can't believe it took this long! I don't want to sound like I'm blaming anyone. I just assumed that a celebrity of Lloyd's caliber would've already had merchandise to immortalize him. :-)

Anyways, do you guys ship to Puerto Rico? I might place an order for a Lloyd cap and T-shirt.

I also second the idea of a Lloyd coffee mug.

I just wanted a pin- but the shipping ($6) is more than the pin (5)!! I just can't justify $11 for a pin :( :( But I want it...

I second the coffee mug, but make it a big one. When new ROM's drop we don't sleep much.

And I will have to say I am a little sad there are no Lloyd shirts in girl sizes. Guy shirts just don't fit right.

Was here before and no XXL, decided to check today (27 Feb 2013) and found not only XXL but XXXL and imediately placed an order for XXL. Thanks guys. You should put a notice on your main T-Shirt ad that XXL and XXXL are now available.

Where are you wanting to ship to? The offer is still active so please give me as many details as possible so I can investigate why you are not getting the offer.

We need Long sleeve T-shirts with tight crew-necks (the head hole is too big) for those cooler days. A polo shirt, and a tablet sized shoulder bag. How about a hoodie?

A polo shirt with this embroidered on it would be really nice! Travel mug? Quality sticker so I can put it on the Galaxy S3 (boring looking but protective) Obex case I am going to order ... and on the case of my TouchPad whom Android has saved from Web OS...