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If you happen to be an owner of one of the ARCHOS G9 tablets, whether it be the 7- or 10-inch model, you will be thrilled to know that starting today they will be pushing an OTA update to Ice Cream Sandwich that was promised to be delivered in Q1.

This bump from Android 3.2 to ICS should come warmly welcomed by everyone, and since the ARCHOS G9 lineup is fully certified by Google it will come with all of the Google apps we love, without the need for any hackery. Priced at only £199, or $270 USD, this ICS tablet is definitely something that should peak the interest of a lot of people. Be sure to check out our previous hands-on with the tablets, and let us know when the update hits your device.

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Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out for the ARCHOS G9 lineup


Yes, but it's all Honeycomb tablets that are getting the update, which was basically the public beta for ICS, so it's a much smaller update. Gingerbread to ICS is a bit more work.

How can Archos manage to roll out ICS and we're still waiting on Samsung to roll it out to their Galaxy Tab line? I thought that at least the wifi only 10.1 would have it by now...

Archos is rolling this out before Verizon gets off their A%&'s and sends it out to the Xoom?!?!?!?!?!

Wow. Screwed again.

I know man. I got the freakin Xoom because it was a GED device. I should had put quotation marks around GED because it's obviously fictional. Anyway,us early adopters got screwed when it comes to early updates. I should had gotten the wifi only version. Although, I have to admit this damn 4G is colder than a witch's tit.

It's nice that they got the Gen9 tablets updated so quickly... too bad that they STILL haven't updated their Gen8 devices (which shipped, or upgraded upon activation, with FroYo) to even Gingerbread after a year. I bought one of the 70's right after they were released; it wasn't more than a few months afterward that I was thoroughly disappointed. I'll never buy an Archos device again. I guess that's what I get for being an early adopter.

More like an early adopter of cheap hardware. If something comes out with an outdated operating system and is a value priced item, can you really be that surprised that it hasn't been updated? That's like buying a Hyundai and being surprised when it isn't as good as a Honda (just an example, I am aware that Hyundai is a major automotive player... JUST LIKE ARCHOS now that the G9 series is out).

Now, if a company (samsung) is touting top of the line products at top of the line pricing, THEN they don't give you updates, that's plenty of reason to never buy a product from that company again.

Excuse me, it was not cheap hardware or an outdated operating system. When it came out in late Nov 2010, it was sporting specs nearly equal to the Galaxy Tab (1GHz ARM proc, 7" capacitive, FroYo) that came out in the same period with the exception of 256M memory (vs 512M) and 800x400 res (vs 1024x600). Samsung was not even releasing the WiFi version at that time, they had just released the carrier-tied version that month.

If you're going to flame, at least get your facts straight. It was decent priced for the hardware, but it wasn't a $100 KMart buy.

I have an Archos 70-250 Gen8 myself and had to use a hack to get Google Market on it. I suspect it will stay an Android 2.2 device until somebody hacks it to get 2.3! Bit of a shame really it could do with that upgrade.

On the whole Archos are helpful, but a very French (translation= "Independently Minded").

Why is everybody getting ICS updates before even the NEXUS handsets are getting them? Did they forget about Nexus S owners? The whole reason I bought a Nexus S was to get updates right away and now I'm going to be the last person to get it???

I'm not saying it's right, but you have a Nexus that's been out for over a year, so it's probably out of warranty. Unlock the bootloader and apply the leaked ICS ROM from XDA.


Fairly sure you meant "pique the interest" unless you meant to imply that it's going to drive them to the highest point of interest they could possibly achieve.

Reminds me of when people write "Wala!" or any other abomination of the spelling of "voila!" If you're gonna use fancy phrases, learn how to spell 'em!

My interest to this post was piqued when I read the article and found out he didn't spell it correctly to see if anyone mentioned it. You did not disappoint!

I am still on my G8 Archos 101, and I am planning on getting the G9 when I have a few hundred to spend. This tablet has been a joy and my game and reading companion every day since I bought it. Archos has won me over, though I note they are not the biggest manufacturer.

I got ICS on my G9 80.
It slows down my system a bit, but it's puuurty.
Archos haven't changed much interfacewise. I really like it, and I can't believe that Archos have released it with very little delay.
Well done, and that for a "budget tablet".

Got my G9 80 for Xmas. Gave the iPad I was using (which was free -- won in a contest) to my kids, who don't know enough to be constantly annoyed by the poor performance of several of the key functions of a tablet -- internet & email to name a couple.

Anyway, LOVE the Archos & glad to see it get the promised ICS update in a timely manner!