TF 101 ICS

If you are the proud owner of the ASUS EeePad Transformer, you will be thrilled to know that at some point over the course of the next week the offical update will be available to get your tablet on Ice Cream Sandwich. The update has started today in Taiwan, and will begin tomorrow for the folks in the United States, and will continue throughout the rest of the countries as the week continues.  Beyond all the normal goodness that you can expect from the ICS update, ASUS has also slipped in a few additional features, such as:

  • Create folders in the Home Screen
  • Quick launch of the camera from lock screen
  • Additional screen capture method
  • Additional browser functions
  • Special camera effects and photo editing
  • Swipe to close tasks or notifications
  • Font size modification
  • Other minor user interface changes

Be sure you have your Transformer charged and ready for the update, and when it hits your neck of the woods be sure to let us know in the forums how the update goes for you!

Source: ASUS


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Ice Cream Sandwich OTA rolling out globally for the ASUS Transformer TF101 over the next week


Hey ASUS.... here is a novel idea, how about fixing the reboot problem with the Prime & ICS before you push out more crap!

Hey ASUS.... here is a novel idea, how about fixing the reboot problem with the Prime & ICS before you push out more crap!

Awesome. Now how about some ICS love for my Nexus S.

(ahemm...that would be my pure google, straight from the source, no mucking about by carriers or manufactures nexus S that should have the latest android version rolled out following the launch device. THAT Nexus S...Hello?...Is anyone listening?...I didn't think so).

I have an at&t 3G model (i9020A). I got it from newegg to replace my nexus one which had a bad experience with the concrete garage floor.

Can't wait! I do wish they can temporarily disable the keyboard trackpad when I'm typing. I tend to accidentally touch it with my palms, which puts the mouse cursor somewhere else and screws up my typing.

They already have this feature on the dock keyboard. Try pushing the 4th button from the left on the top row of keys.

Prime would not be if Asus had not done the TF101 first and had the majority of the bugs worked out by the first wave users. Get us(TF101 owners) on ICS and maybe we can work out what is wrong with the Prime. We have been waiting long enough.

ICS is looking lovely.
I took 78 days away from my tab for personal reasons and when I finally picked it up again it had an update. Then another one came in right behind it. Guess which one that was.