HTC Vanguard

There's been some talk about the HSPA+ HTC G2 being released in September, and TmoNews has got hold of some screenshots that puts the date as September 29 for the release of the Vanguard.  What does the Vanguard have to do with the G2?  I'm glad you asked.  If you rip open the leaked G2 ROM we saw recently (or grab it already done for you here), you will see references to the Vanguard, such as in the devices name for the static wallpapers (also pulled out for you here).  

If things don't change (and they often do), look for the G2, codenamed the Vanguard, running stock Froyo, with an all new chip on the 29th of September.  So who's excited for this besides me? [TmoNews]


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HTC Vanguard (Vision/G2?) to be released Sept. 29?


Any word on if any of the new HTC phones are gonna be making an appearance in the uk? A release of the 'vanguard', 'vision', 'ace', 'g2' about these dates would tie in beautifully with my upgrade! :)

I do not know if you have realized this yet but the vanguard, vision, and g2 are all probably the same phone (though I'd bet it will not be called the g2 in the UK. The ace is probably the desire hd which, chances are the US will never see but the rest of the world will.

Vanguard, Vision, G2, G1 Blaze and Desire Z are all the same. Desire Z is supposed to be the European version of G2.

i can tell you it will NOT be vanilla.

SENSE all the way.

if you look at the photos of the buttons, it has 3 buttons to scroll through the home screens, one for the left, middle and one for the right.

I find it funny that if you look at this LEAKED picture the next day he has ANTI-TRUST training. CLASSIC!!!!

I'm turning purple waiting for this phone... Finally... I can retire my G1 and move on to something worthwhile... Sense or Vanilla, I don't care, I just need something with a souped up processor...

All I can say is it better be sweet! Because my Mytouch 3g totally sucks! its slow and retarded! Also tmobile needs to grow a pair and learn to update their devices!!!