Thunderbolt launch date?

Couple of conflicting stories coming out this morning regarding the launch of the HTC ThunderBolt on Verizon. Above, you have a screen shot leaked to DroidAttic, which appears to confirm the Feb. 14 launch date on Best Buy, news we broke a week ago, and presales start tomorrow. But then there's a post at passed on by the infamous Miami1683 saying that the ThunderBolt has been pushed back a bit, until Feb. 28.

Miami says the delay is because of the popularity of the iPhone launch, but we'd be willing to wager that with all the hemming and hawing over simultaneous voice and data -- an old feature that would be new to Verizon -- they're still working out some kinks. Guess we'll just wait and see. [DroidForums, DroidAttic]


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HTC Thunderbolt launch date may be up in the air yet again


I really hope this is not true. I have been waiting for this phone since it was announced. If this is the time it takes to make it perfect i would be willing to wait though.

honestly I don't know where this 2/14 release date came from. Verizon had been saying the phone will be released 2/24 instead. so everyone needs to fall back for another two weeks and have patience.

One thing to keep in mind is that Miami1683 has been 100% WRONG about this phone since at least November. I followed him on and listened to his BS since early Nov. and let me tell you... he preached things about this phone that NEVER panned out. I definitely would NOT buy-in to his credibility where this phone is concerned. See you on the 14th TBolt!

Yea. This drives me nuts how people put so much faith into him, yet hes been wrong constantly about this phone. Just because hes an Admin on a forum and apparently knew info on the original Droid Incredible, so many put their faith into him. I rather just wait and see what happens. All I know is this phone is defiantly coming in February and thats good for me.

not really. 2nd gen processor, better slcd screen, more ram, more internal storage, better rear camera.

Don't forget the included 32GB of MicroSD on top of the 8GB of internal coming to a grand total of 40GB of storage space.. NINJA! :)

I can not go for what Miami 1683 has to say He had every one looking to get this phone on NOV.23 Never happened And now this We will see if he is rightthis time???????

anyone know the battery size/life?? I know a couple of guys with evo's and they have the extended batteries because the regular is to short but it is like walking around with bricks in your hand.

Does anyone know if the battery is interchangeable with other HTC phones? Much like you can use the same batteries in the Ozone, Imagio, Incredible, Eris? I want to be able to use my Incredible Seidio battery in the Thunderbolt.

Thanks. Is that the size in the Evo 1400mah? Also, is the slcd screen in the Thunderbolt better on battery life than the screen on the Evo?

i dont know, maybe i missed it somewhere, but i never noticed any word on pricing for the thunderbolt. why isnt anyone making a big deal that it is mentioned in this screen cap? $249.99 new and upgrade with 2 year activation. a bit pricier then i thought it would be, hey, whatever.

I think the EVO is a great device, problem for me is that Sprint has really spotty service where I live. I switched to Verizon for one reason, they have service everywhere around here. I'm not a Sprint hater, nor am I a Verizon lover so moving to Sprint is a no go for me.

Why not just get an Evo and pay less? I understand the Thunderbolt has a little better RAM and such. But it all depends on signal strength anyways. Would it be THAT noticeable? A sixteenth to a quarter second faster?!?!?! What's the real advantage over the Evo?

Cause you would have to change carriers, which most people dont want to do. and with the bolt you get more ram, more internal memory, new sense, newer processor, unibody design, and a better network. worth the money imo

Totally agree, the ram and internal memory alone is a big enough difference to be worth the money. Throw in the processor, the screen, the 32gig card and the camera and it's a no-brainer.

The 8MP camera on the Thunderbolt is not the same one on the EVO/Incredible. Its supposed to use a newer/better image sensor. Like others said though, you COULD have an EVO for less money, but then you'd have to switch carriers.

I know to me, switching carriers is NOT an option, I like my solid, stable, everywhere 3G coverage, I wouldn't switch to Sprint for an EVO. Even if it was free. I want a Thunderbolt because its a great device on a great network. I view Sprint/EVO like I do the iPhone/AT&T, people put up with the carrier/network because of the technology. Not comparing Spring to AT&T but where I live, it might as well be AT&T.

Ya know... while I'm antsy, I guess I can wait a few weeks; but then again a lot of this release talk has been back and forth based on 'leaks' and what not... so until Big Red gives something official I'm not gonna get my hopes up... having said that, I just hope we don't get left hanging like the Merge.... ;)

This device WILL Come out, its too big to just disappear like the Merge did. I too had my hopes up about the Merge. Now Alltel is getting it.

I just did my preorder at Best Buy. They said releasing Feb.14th. They couldn't tell me the price until tomorrow ugggh But, they said they get their shipment in tomorrow.

Edit: Dragged the price out of another store. $249 is confirmed.

Edit 2 : There's an article on Droid-Life about a new Verizon Store giving away a Thunderbolt Feb.12th. So, I think all this debunks a pushback to the 28th.

i work for best buy mobile and i called my verizon rep to verify this and he said that the thunderbolt was suppose to come out on feb.14 but has been pushed back to feb.17 so a couple days later, not to bad

My Fascinate went back yesterday so that I can wait for this, which means I'm back on my Storm. Normally a delay is no big deal, but each day is another lifetime on top of what I already have to wait. I feel like I've gone back in time with this phone...

I hope you're not holding out for the dual cores. Froyo nor Gingerbread support it, no honeycomb on phones. Dual core on phones will just be marketing hype for a long time to come.

Lol have you not been watching how fast they have been pushing out stuff these days? It won't be long before they support it and even still out it only takes that custom kernel to make it special lol. but no it's not only dual core I like. Overall a sexy phone.

Thunderbolt is a hot phone but thinking about waiting. The phone only has a 1400MaH battery. That may be a deal breaker for me. I know you could get a extended battery but I don't want to walk around with a brick. I like the phone with a stock battery door not bumped out. The bionic may be a better option for that reason. My dx battery lasts all day and my wifes dinc lasts a few hours. Any thoughts?

My story for what its worth. Had a storm for a year, got rid of it and went back to a regular phone. Early February I picked up a Droid X, OK phone but I figured the 4G speed was worth waiting for. (I know there will not be LTE speed available in this market until late in the year.) I also want the phone most likely to be rooted well. HTC has a very good reputation as I read the forums so this Thunderbolt may be the one even if it is the first VZW LTE phone. (Hopefully the engineering from the Evo and others will benefit this device.) I seriously thought about the iphone. I have a new touch and frankly the interface is impressive, but the 4G speed is important and I won't wait for a new iphone and of course I can WiFi to the touch as I need to. As "sexy" as these new devices are, how they do the job for each of us where we live and move about is what matters. The best speed and coverage for me was the Clear 4G modem. I drove about and listened to streaming radio stations on the ipod touch wherever I drove, but it was $55.00 a month and you pretty much had to keep it plugged in, the battery didn't last long.
Somewhere along the line a decision has to be made. The new gadgets are released constantly and as we see here there is a logjam between the iphone and the Thunderbolt on VZW, not poor planning necessarily but some marketing people are getting less sleep on account of it. Their job is to get "us" to buy as many of these things as possible. Our job is to clearly define our needs and make the best choice for ourselves, not just to fall for hype. Definitely keep the costs in mind.