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With the HTC Sensation's European street date fast approaching, the final shipping software for the device has leaked out on Chinese blog 911Sniper in the form of an RUU executable and image dump. The software is listed as version 1.24.401.1, and features the new HTC Sense 3.0 on top of Android 2.3. It's also a whopper -- uncompressed, the system dump weighs in at just under 850MB.

Android Police has dissected these new files and notes that the bootloader is signed, making the task of getting custom ROMs loaded onto HTC's new flagship phone significantly harder. However, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise -- a signed bootloader is pretty much par for the course when it comes to newer HTC devices. Hit the source link if you want to poke around the files yourself.

Source: 911Sniper, Android Police


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HTC Sensation shipping RUU gets leaked


850mb!! Then theres only room for 150mb of apps, thats nearly as little as on my HTC Desire!!!! that socks man!!

Take a good hard look at the battery level in that screenshot. Now get used to seeing that if you buy this phone.

The only reason the thunderbolt has custom roms is because someone at XDA got ahold of an engineering bootloader. I don't expect to see any on this phone for a while which means you're stuck with almost a gig worth of sense bloat chewing your battery up even more.

I used to love HTC but the cons are rapidly outweighing the pro's with them. They desperately need a new person making their battery decisions as well. A dual core beast with a 1520 battery.. fail.

I *was* drooling over this phone and thinking it would be the replacement for my Nexus One. After reading this article, I'm losing a bit of love for HTC. I really don't want to add money to Samsung's coffers and LG's current T-Mobile phone has too low a resolution; I don't want to get less than 960x540 resolution and 4.3" screen if I'm buying a phone now. The Sensation is the closest thing T-Mobile offers to a next gen phone :(
The only alternative I see is the Droid Bionic coming out for Verizon (if they have decided to up RAM from 512MB to a gig) or the EVO 3D for Sprint. I wish HTC would slim these new phones down a bit, too.