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Costco has some nice deals coming if you are you are looking to get into a T-Mobile plan. $69.99 will get you unlimited data, talk and text with a bunch free additional features added to that list as well such as T-Mobile TV, games and magazines. The image shows available for select devices but we're told it is for the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S II. As always, a new two-year agreement will be required but you're saving some coin in the long run.

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HTC Sensation and Galaxy S II for T-Mobile get special deals at Costco


Could be that they roll in the cost of the phones so that there's no up-front purchase. Interesting if so (basically a zero-interest loan, although with the other "premium" smartphones it comes out to about a $349 total price for the phone).

Have to see what the details are...

This is a carefully worded ad on the part of T-Mobile. Notice it says it's for two lines. If you add those together you get an awfully unspectacular family plan of $140 per month. Not as sexy when presented with all the facts.

Actually outside of the 2GB data cap (presumably on the family plan, i.e., spread out over the two lines) it's a pretty good deal. Sprint's family plan with 2 lines and unlimited talk, data, and text is $190/month + $20/month for two smartphones with premium data. 1500 minutes + unlimited data/text is $140, but then it's again another $20/month for premium data.

$140/month with a 2GB cap is pretty attractive vs. $210/month. And, you can get up to 5GB cap for $10/month.

I am wondering where did you get this information from? I have Sprint as a family plane,and I pay $129.99 plus TX, comes to $ 140.0 not $190.0. unless you have the unlimited plan which is includes the land line too,which cost you as a family plan $189.99+tx.

Right, it's $130 for the 1500 minute family plan, not $140. But, I'm comparing apples to apples here... T-Mobile is $100 for unlimited voice/data/text on two lines, which compares directly to Sprint's $190/month unlimited family plan. Note also that you have to add $20 for two premium data smartphones to Sprint's cost. So, the least you'd pay Sprint for a relevant plan for two smartphones is $150/month for 1500 minutes/unlimited data & text compared to T-Mobile's $100/month unlimited.

Yes, the data's slowed at 2GB+ (which can be increased to 5GB for $10/month), but just looking at the cost shows T-Mobile to be considerably less expensive than Sprint.

Haha good job pulling those numbers out of your ass. You can't do an apples to apples comparison because tmobile doesn't offer real unlimited data.

Of course, I made note of the data. I'm talking about unlimited voice. Which should be obvious to anybody actually willing to read what I wrote.

Not everybody uses so much data that they're worried about a 2GB speed cap. Me, for instance.

How many people still call land lines? Sprint's $150 plan is quite competitive with this T-Mobile offering. What bugs me is that the writer has yet to post an update to this post. Poor reading on his part.

I believe US should pass a law requiring mobile carriers to show plan pricing WITH all the taxes & fees! People see these nice-looking ads and they want to get in on the "great deal", then find out that the actual price is about $15-$30 /month more than the advertised price, but since they're already excited and set on getting the phone along with that plan they'll just ignore the actual plan price thinking that it wound't affect them. Later on they realize that the plan they picked is just a bit too damn they gotta change or cancel the plan, resulting in more fees. Even if they didn't actually get the plan w. device that they wanted because it ended up being more than they can afford on a monthly basis, they'll be "very disappointed" and end up with a cheaper alternative on the same carrier or look for other carriers. Whats wrong with MetroPCS pricing?! Plan price and all the nonsense fees included in ads and listings.

seriously think advertising like this should be fined... wonder how that "free tv" is gonna look after you reach their BS 2gb cap??

How is it they can advertise unlimited data, when, as soon as you hit 2gb, they limit your speed??

I still think that $140 for 2 cell phones is too much. Now if they come up with a way to give me unlimited high speed data that I can use with my home network to eliminate the other bill for cable internet then this will seem like a better deal.

I don't use the phone minutes much so keeping the current plan with AT & T is better for me.