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T-Mobile is pushing out a new software update for its HTC Sensation 4G, bringing the device up to version 1.50.531.31. The new version, which is still based on Android 2.3.4 and Sense 3.0, brings a host of welcome improvements and fixes to Sensation 4G owners. T-Mo's describing it as a "performance and stability" update --

New Features:

  • Software stability
  • Improved battery life


  • Improvements to Trace dictionary
  • Screen  unresponsiveness resolved
  • Device taking screen shots resolved
  • Lock screen shifted up resolved
  • Icon pixilation resolved
  • Improved Wi-Fi connection
  • Green lines on photo resolved

The new software will start rolling out between now and Jan. 15 -- to grab it, head to Menu > Settings > About Phone > HTC software updates and tap "Check".

Source: T-Mobile, Thanks, mdemars!

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Dutchmasta says:

i hope the same happens for the EVO 3D...

05 TypeS DC5 says:

+1 I always have issues w/ my screen being unresponsive. Sometimes you can't click on anything, sometimes you can't scroll down app drawer, sometimes someone calls in and i can't unlock the screen, sometimes i can't pull down the notification bar, i have to try about 15x's to pull down before it works. really annoying.

OMG I need this update! My gallery is FULL of screenshots right now. I want this.

Debbieg says:

Mine is updating as we speak, can't wait...

JIH2009 says:

Just rebooting!!

AndyCouch says:

I just downloaded and installed the update. My phone rebooted to a yellow exclamation point in a white triangle with a blue android. I don't think that's what's supposed to happen. :/

wylangross says:

Same thing happened to me as well. Frustrating, please fix it HTC.

AndyCouch says:

I was able to pull the battery and it booted fine (albeit without the update applied). My phone is rooted, so that might be the problem. wylangross: Is your phone rooted?

wylangross says:

Mine isnt rooted, running the stock rom. I was able to recover by pulling the battery as well but i would love to have a fix for the screenshots issue.

Thermalx says:

Seeing the same issue on my wife's Sensation, it's rooted running the stock rom, figured it had something to do with root.

sanibel says:

Notification bar is brighter after the update (strange, I know). Overall performance seems ever-so-slightly smoother. Any other observations?

vr002sh says:

In the past week, my phone has been rebooting 10+ times a day. I have not installed any new software, did purchase a new Anker battery (not sure how that would affect it). I have installed this patch, been about an hour, so far so good.

I also use Good messaging (not my choice) normally at reboot the first log in will require a force quit and restart the application. this time it started the way it's suppose to.

Will respond again after if burns in a bit

vinny jr says:

Just received mine and I will say all is working AOK. I sent my Sensation back due to lousy wifi and just received my replacement yesterday. I was going to root it but saw the update. I might keep it stock for a little while, the update seemed to fix all the phones problems for me. My update went perfect. Now I just want the new Nexus from Verizon, must have the 32 memory and the LTE. I have the Thunderbolt S-Off, rooted and flashed the KillaSense 3.5 Rom. Have the unlimited data and must have the new Nexus now. I am what you would call a complete phone ass.

JIH2009 says:

Seems snappier, overall smoother! Hopefully the battery will be better too. Plus I finally got the new Market! Thanks Tmo/HTC!!!

Floss82 says:

Glads to see HTC & T-Mobile bringing this update but i think most of us Sensation 4G owners are rooted by now so im good anyways:)

KingSanchez says:

Saw an IMMEDIATE change. I may start to like my Sensation again. No more screenshot mess and my phone actually locks without the screen lighting up 10 times before it goes into sleep mode. I have not rooted my phone yet (not as simple, come to find out, with a Mac). Now I want to try new things.

aznkidrew says:

any info on the black screen with the blue android and exclamation mark? mine is rooted but stock rom. so far i see rooted and unrooted users having this issue. any info would be nice

Thermalx says:

Has anybody with a rooted Sensation and the stock rom had this work?

rdefranx says:

I have the same issue. My phone is root with the stock rom and have the triangle with the exclamation bar. My wife's is not rooted and the update went well. Any ideas how to get the update with a rooted phone?

mrrobotanger says:

Just updated, Google music reverted to previous version without the thumbs up/down feature. -1

mrrobotanger says:

In fact, the music ap is just generally borked with the update. It wont play a bunch of my music. Stuff I was listenning to prior to updating. Proceed with caution. not rooted, BTW.

zackmack7 says:

YES!!! The only issue I've really been having is the screenshot problem...downloading the update right now!