HTC Rhyme

Seems not all that long ago the HTC Rhyme was nothng more then a rumor and now Verizon will gladly sell you one for $199 on a new 2-year contract. You get that fancy interactive charm to go along with it so it's not all that bad of a deal, especially considering the package as a whole. 

Nothing mind blowing can be found in the specs but that's not what the HTC Rhyme was built for. Everything about the devices is geared towards females, even the weird commercial that went along with its launch which can be found past the break for you all.

Source: Verizon


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HTC Rhyme now available from Verizon


.. is it made by the people who made the old palm pre commercials? because we all know how that went...

No sarcasm, I love how android tries to make a device for everybody. But yet I agree, a little overpriced especially for a 2 yr deal.

Make that charm thingy bluetooth or with a longer cord and some color besides plum/purple, and I would get one. When my phone is in my holster, and I am in a noisy place walking or riding in a car, I have no idea when I get messages or calls. Neat idea!

This phone would be good for my mom since she always forgets her phone is in her purse but not for me. I barely put my phone down let alone have it in my purse, plus the specs are pretty low end for my tech junky a** LOL

Ya'll ninjas be hatin'.

The price and specs are fine. I mean honestly what do you people want. I think the charging dock is a great free accessory and I definitely know at least one girl who would benefit greatly from that charm thing. As for the price, $199 is pretty standard for something like this I feel. Now as far as specs go, what the hell are you people doing on your phone that you need more than this?

Agree with you, nice price for what you get. Dock, bluetooth headpiece and car speaker and more. Specs look like Inc2 to me, maybe for RAM being lower and smaller screen. If my wife didn't need a keyboard, this would replace her D2 in a hurry.

Its not a bad phone but this wouldn't be my 1st Android phone. I have an OG Evo & a SGSII, so why would I downgrade? I also have to agree that the dock is pretty nice but again that's not enough to make me downgrade!!