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BlinkFeed, video highlights and more in biggest update yet for the One X+

HTC has finally updated one of last year's high-end handsets, the One X+, to the latest version of its Sense software and the newer Android 4.2.2 OS. The new update brings the One X+ in line with the most recent HTC user interface, with the BlinkFeed home screen experience, automatic video highlights in the gallery app and an updated music app with visualizers. That's in addition to standard Android 4.2 features like lock screen widgets and Daydreams.

According to reports from XDA and VR-Zone it's only unlocked devices in Asia that are receiving the update at present, but Europe and (eventually) the U.S. should follow before too long. (And we're sure you'll be able to find a custom ROM or two out there if you can't wait.)

The hefty 484MB over-the-air package now going out will update Asian HTC One X+ devices to software version 2.17.709.12.

The One X+ roll-out follows the HTC Butterfly's bump up to Android 4.2 and Sense 5 last month.

Source: VR-Zone, XDA


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HTC One X+ Android 4.2 + Sense 5 update rolling out in Asia


HTC hasn't updated the OG One X yet.. Yeah Samsung should start updating the Note 2 already (and the GS3 is almost identical to that one)

Yea, when is Samsung gonna update the S3 and Note2 with its newer version of touchwiz? Are they even going to?


Wouldn't surprise me. They went from 4.0.4 straight to 4.1.2 on my OG international note

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It's the unlocked version, so it's not bloat, really.  it's just Sense 5.  While Sense 5 runs really well for the most part, nobody ever claimed that it had a small "installed" footprint LOL

Where is the 4.2.2 update for the HTC One? This is a piss off. I think we all want to get rid of the stupid 3 dot menu bar

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Exactly. I'm getting annoyed with the fact the USA still has not seen 4.2 for the ONE yet. Wtf.

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Ok, that freaking irritates me because my newer and more awesome HTC One (on Sprint, which is not so awesome) hasn't been updated to 4.2.

Sprint is fast bringing out updates to phones so can't blame them. The developer editions havent even seen 5.2 blame HTC.

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This is only for asia, the rest of the world already has 4.2.2 on the One. Don't worry, they will all be behind when US carriers all go straight to 4.3

Have a look on Engadget. They've had confirmation from HTC it's not the official update

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Update 2: HTC has confirmed that only the Taiwanese version of the One X+ is currently receiving the update. Still no word as to when that OTA will hit the global model, but it sure can't be far off now.

Yep. Check the original source link. That's an OTA screen. You don't get that if you just use an RUU.

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