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OTA also includes new Sense 5 UI, BlinkFeed, video highlights

The Android 4.2 and Sense 5 updates for the HTC One X and One X+ have been pushing out in parts of Europe and Asia over the past couple of weeks, and today they've landed on British shores. Users are reporting this morning that updates to version 4.18.401.2 on the One X, and version 2.18.401.2 on the One X+ are now hitting unlocked handsets in the UK.

The updates, both of which weigh around 400MB, bring the newer version of Android, and all the various goodies associated with it, along with new HTC features like the BlinkFeed home screen experience, a new Gallery/Camera app with video highlights, and various new lock screen styles.

If you're seeing the new software on your One X or One X+ today, hit the comments and tell us how you're getting on.

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HTC One X and One X+ getting Android 4.2 update in the UK


So far so good, here are my views from my post over on the XDA thread:

UI redesign seems smoother overall,
New notification menu system is a good touch.
Blink Feed is a good tool for getting all the content in one place (still not sure if it will be my daily feed or stock widgets)
Show Battery level on status bar (would have liked it to be inside the battery symbol)
Daydreams. A small thing but nice to have in (can't get beanflinger to work yet tho)
Single Calendar app being the android stock one (having the HTC & Android stock one was a bit confusing)
Power saver icon goes if you turn power saver off (still would like it to go when its on, the new menu shows it all the time anyway)
System ram has been freed up (before my X+ was always about 890-930M running and now its down to 737 on avg)

Can't customise Blink Feed Sources (outside of social medial all news comes from Mobiles Republic)
App draw scrolling, I guess I will just have to relearn to go down not across (was the same with my DHD going from 2.3 to 4.0 via roms)
Phone app redesigned (again will take some getting used to
No ZOE (we all knew this tho, its a shame would have been good to use)
Base app draw grid size is 3*4 (4*5 should have been the default IMHO)
Phone still gets as hot as it always did (thats what we get for choosing this handset)

Not sure on yet:
4 quick app buttons at the bottom of the screen stay there when you are in the app draw

Still not seeing anything on my International (far east) HTC One X, even though this is like the third posting of this same rumor.

hello, i downloaded the CID app you posted. mine says HTC__044. Any idea when i'd get my update? or where i can get this information. thanks

Obviously these updates are only hitting unlocked handsets within the UK at the moment. Any ideas when these updates will be made available by UK networks? O2 in particular?

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Just manually checked on my Vodafone One X and to my surprise it said the update was available! Downloading now :o)

I tweeted o2 a couple of days ago and they said they are currently testing the update and it will be rolled out in the coming weeks :)

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I'm Actually selling my evo LTE To anyone who wants it. Its 14 months old, but I just got a new battery for it and had it professionally installed at my sprint store! I will include an otterbox defender with the device. I am willing to negotiate a price, but I am starting at $350 (due to the 60 dollar otterbox case included.) Reply if u want to negotiate the price with me. The device had zero, zip, none, n0o Asthetic changes to it. Asthetically, it is fresh from the box.

And samsung still hasn't updated the S3 and Note 2.
If it's true that they're skipping the 4.2 update, then they probably won't update them to 4.3 until a few months after the Note 3 release. After they sell every last one they have...

I applaud HTC for this. They sell nowhere near the amount of devices samsung does, yet they don't behave like greedy pigs when it comes to updates.

Downloading now - got my One X sitting next to my One waiting to join the Sense 5 club ^.^

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I downloaded the update, then tried to install it but ClockworkMOD recovery popped up with a red ! sign, What do i do?

I'm Actually selling my evo LTE To anyone who wants it. Its 14 months old, but I just got a new battery for it and had it professionally installed at my sprint store! I will include an otterbox defender with the device. I am willing to negotiate a price, but I am starting at $350 (due to the 60 dollar otterbox case included.) Reply if u want to negotiate the price with me. The device had zero, zip, none, n0o Asthetic changes to it. Asthetically, it is fresh from the box.

Manually checked and received the update!
Swisscom, Switzerland HTC One X
Damn HTC really mean business this time around! Great timely update! :-)

Update one X+ arrived here in Belgium last night! Happy data & congrats to HTC! Everything seems to be smoother and faster it

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Personal taste but not feeling the new look. Thankful for the performance improvements but will stay with nova launcher.

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As of 26.08.13, T-Mobile UK, on unlocked HTC One X+, came through with the update. Not sure on various things yet but things do seem to be 'snappier' ... as they say.

Looking forward to this update, have to wait though as my One X+ is o2 branded.

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Downloaded today. I have just one clock to choose from, my text feed is black text on black background, and nowhere to change it, so I can only view my texts before they are sent, or doing a long press copy all to review. Viber messages sent to me open up, and can be replied to without unlocking the screen, and thats all found within a few hours.. It took forever to charge the battery... not enjoying this one bit.

Downloaded last night, HTC One X UK unlocked but on Orange/EE. Seems nicer. Blinkfeed isn't something I'm into, so sticking with old home screen layout. Speaking of which, pressing the Home button now brings up the left most screen rather then the middle of seven which is my Home screen. Cant see any way to change that back. And the ability to scroll to screen seven and then carry on and get to screen one, introduced with the JB update, has gone. You now have to scroll all the way back.
And pinching on a screen used to bring up all seven screens allowing you to go straight to a specific one, that's gone. It now opens up the Widgets screen.
Another little step back is the new calendar view has the display showing if there are any events on a day in the month view are extremely faint and almost impossible to see in daylight, when on the move etc.
Don't like the change to scrolling through apps vertically instead of horizontally, or that you can only scroll a full page at a time rather than stop anywhere like scrolling a webpage.
The Weather app is now taken a step backwards as well. The Hourly view used to show a huge bar graph of temperature hour by hour with a Sunny/Cloudy/Rain icon at the bottom. It's now just a list with the temperatures displayed as figures, far far less clear!
The lock screen pattern now has vibration feedback, and I can't find a way to turn it off.
Overall I love my HTC but these little changes all seem to be little steps backwards, and the lack of customisation on this phone compared to my previous HTC Desire was already a sore point. The Calendar view on the Desire for example could have a Day view that just listed all the events on that day. The One X only has view showing hour by hour, so any event after 1PM is now hidden when you open each page. You have to scroll down to see if there is anything there!
On the plus side it does seem smother and quicker. I like the added editing features with photos, though the Straighten feature could do with both greater range of rotation and to not zoom in when rotating. Yes I know I will get blank corners! But let me have that option! I will choose what to do and how to crop it!

Hello there, I am Orange UK too with ORANG001 CID, however I havent got the Sense 5 update and Adriod 4.2.2. May I know what CID you've got please? I was told that Orange havent released their HTX one X yet.

When HTC will release Sense 5 & 4.2.2 update in india ? im only reading news about updates rolled out around world..why india is missing ?

Have downloaded the new update yesterday and everything seems fine. It is slightly warmer when used though a d I am wondering if anyone is getting a message to say that text messages have stopped working when you want to go to settings>general to change the colour of my text as it is pink!

downloaded 4.2.2 to my htc one x on o2, this was 3 days ago and i cannot connect to wifi any more, thought it might be issues with our router but everything else in the house connects... i have spent all day trying different suggestions that i have read online, and done factory reset twice. can anyone help/advise/is anyone having the same problem?? its driving me bonkers and i have used all my mobile data allowance updating and reinstalling things!!! please help!!

Downloaded 4.2.2 last week onto my htc one x. Im suffering the same problems as Beki Curtis. WiFi is totally useless!!!!! Would nt recommend anyone upgrades their phone to 4.2.2. Made my phone completely useless. I have asked my network carrier and HTC if I can cant!!!!!!!!!
HTC told me that they are aware of the problem and poor battery performance. They are expecting the latest upgrade 4.3 mid october. Hopefully that will rectify the issues. Otherwise Im off to by an iphone.

Mine stop working too! I didn't notice it that much until a few days ago when I tried to connect to WiFi router and the phone got almost no signal at all while my laptop can download a 400 mb file in less than 20 minutes. I literally put the phone right next to the router and it still wouldn't work. HTC told me via Twitter to wipe the phone's cache partition and try connecting again, and to Contact CS if I'm still having trouble with my Wi-Fi connection.

It looks like HTC is trying to deny this issue!