Radio Shack HTC One

$199.99 on-contract, with $50 Google Play credit and a $10 coupon

The exact U.S. launch for the new HTC One might not be know just yet, but it looks like we're starting to see signs of stateside pricing deals for the handset. The photo above, grabbed at Radio Shack and sent to Phandroid, suggests the HTC One on Sprint will sell for $199.99 with a two-year plan (no surprises there) and come with a $50 Google Play gift card and $10 coupon.

A $10 discount is nothing to sniff at, but that $50 Google Play allowance should count towards a lot of apps, movies and other content for new HTC One owners.

We'd like to think that the appearance of signage like this indicates the nearing of a U.S. street date, but the closest thing to an official date we have is "before the end of April" for North America. In the meantime, you can always check out our full review of the HTC One.

Source: Phandroid


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HTC One signs sighted in RadioShack, hint at $50 Google Play gift card deal


This also hints that AT&T may be telling the truth (something they rarely do) about having the exclusive on the 64gb model.

Nice, a $50.00 Play gift card is a pretty nice incentive to buy from "The Shack". Wonder what kind of deals Best Buy and Amazon are going to roll out?

Best Buy is giving a $50 gift card usable on the phone purchase if you go to the store. With the HTC phone buy back the cost for the One on Sprint should be $49.99.

I'm pretty sure the ** on the $10 dollar coupon promotion back around Christmas was $10 dollars for every hundred dollars spent so it might actually be a $20 dollar coupon for the HTC One... it's not much more but in the grand scheme of things but still add that with the Google Play gift card you are paying $70 bucks less for it at RadioShack and then stack that on top of sending HTC your old phone and you get another $100 from them... you can grab the One for virtually $30 bucks

The $10 coupon is for any purchase over $30 to be used on future purchase expires 6/1/13. 1 Coupon per transaction. It's on their website. I want the Galaxy 4 but don't want to pay $200 more for it over the HTC one.

I didn't notice the Sprint logo on the ad, hopefully they run the promotion on AT&T and T-Mobile also

Can anyone say April fools. If that's a radio shack sign than where is the Trade Mark you see on all the shacks signs